Sunday, September 6, 2009

Qiviut-Merino sweater-construction

I couldnt resist.....i just had to get into the new bags of coloured qiviut.I sneaked out of the mill(i was supposed to be carding angora rabbit fibre) with an armful of yarn and just had to find a quiet place so i could decide what to make with this yarn.I have always wanted a qiviut sweater......but the natural brown-ish grey would never do.I love color.........armed with my copy of Sheila Mcgreggors ''Traditional Fair isle knitting'' i sifted through pages and pages of what appeared to be very complex fair isle designs......i don't have time for knitting time for design is composed of  a few minutes here and there! I settled on this boxy design and thought i would incorporate about 6 different colours into the sweater and this sweater will be affordable and easy to knit while using max amount of colour.
I will post pics of the sweater construction at each stage........the actual end design is not yet determined......i will get the feel as the knitting moves along. The yarns used so far are: Natural qiviut brown for the (MC) with hunter green, purple, raspberry and slate blue.
Finished the sweater and was sold before i got a chance to take a picture. At a Trunk show a customer Purchased it 'right off my back'.......I was thankfull i had showerd that morning OMG !