Sunday, July 12, 2009

100% Qiviut king size bed cover

I really enjoyed making this Blanket and would love to do it again.This was a custom made order going to a couple in Texas.......they will be warm! I machine knit the whole blanket in 3 sections and used my new linker machine to put it all together and added a sturdy rib around the whole perimeter and again used the linker......i love that makes finishing so much easier and neater.Made from 100% pure qiviut the blanket measures 90''X 90'' and took 960 grams to complete.This was the largest project i have made todate from pure qiviut and it put a big dent in my yarn stash!


  1. can you send me info about custom Qivuit work. I am very interested.

    Devin Long

  2. I am interested in a Qivuit blanket. Please call me
    314 267 1454

    Devin Long

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  4. Prices as of 2013:
    King size: $1,800.00
    Double: $1,600.00
    Twin: $1,300.00
    Throw: 800.00

  5. Wow! Beautiful doesn't begin to describe this blanket.

    I can only imagine how warm this must have kept you as you worked on it! (Kind of like how firewood warms you a few times even before you burn it.)

    1. Katie, qiviut is such a wonderful light weight fibre to work with & the blanket only becomes softer with age, its an awesome Magical Fibre !