Saturday, January 13, 2018

Arctic stripes sweater & the winner is ....Babs.

Arctic Stripes sweater.....I love how it turned out !

Arctic stripes Sweater.Shoulder shaping & neck knit with Natural 100% Qiviut
Arctic Stripes Beanie.

I think it was well worth the effort of starting over  four times.

The details: I knit it longer to make more of  a Tunic style. This one is size L/XL (for me) measures: 44'' bust, Length-back neck to hem 33'' inches long. Has rolled edges on the hem, sleeves & neck. The wrists have a  thumb gusset as seen here-

I wanted the neck, shoulders & wrists to be super soft & super warm so i used 100% Qiviut in the natural shade. The Black & purple used throughout this design are also 100% Qiviut.

Neck & should shaping with 100% Natural Qiviut.

The hem is knit with Shetland Tundra yarn(contains 15% Qiviut) & has 2 side slits for comfort & ease of wearing. The natural light coloured yarn you see with the black stripes is our Natural Decadent yarn-50% Qiviut-50% cashmere.

Our winner drawn at random is Babs. I have your colour choice & size so will begin knitting your Arctic stripes sweater shortly.....congratulations to you & Thank you to all who took part.

watch this space for another giveaway to be announced shortly. 2018 is ALL about Qiviut smoke lots of new designs coming soon & i will host a couple of giveaways throughout the year♥ 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Qiviut Sweater Giveaway 2018

Happy New Year.......the sweater is almost done ! After 4 restarts (yes 4) i finally have it looking the way i want it. The winner has been drawn & will be announced along with the photo's of the finished sweater on Saturday 6th's GORGEOUS !

Will include all the details of fibre content etc in Saturday's Post.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Arctic stripes sweater-Giveaway for )Octobert/November 2017

I have to extend the deadline to December 31st 2017......sorry had very little time to work on this Project....Read on !

Arctic stripes sweater giveaway for October/ November 2017
This giveaway will run in conjunction with the Shetland wool blog.
Arctic stripes beanie.

For the longest time i have wanted to turn the Arctic stripe beanie into a sweater !
And this is my favourite colourway.....Purple, natural qiviut & Raven Black
These are the yarns i have selected.
Top row- are the Shetland Tundra in medium fawn.
2nd row- 100% Qiviut in Purple, Natural & Raven Black.
Picture is a bit overcast but the Natural pure qiviut & fawn Shetland wool are very similar in shades......only difference is the softness !

so all i have to do now is wind my yarns into cakes, make a couple of drawings to plan out the stripes & what goes where then i can get it cast on.

The design i have in mind is similar to my weekend qiviut sweater. Unisex style, Rolled edge cuffs, very comfortable, round neck line, not too close fitting more relaxed.
Please check back for updates.

This giveaway is for the finished sweater.
Runs from October 3rd TO December 31st 2017.
open to everyone- worldwide.
One winner drawn at random.
To enter this is what you have to do....pop over to Facebook, like our page, come back here to comments section tell me you made the ''like''(i will be checking) tell me what your colour combination preferences are from the following: Natural, Raven Black, Purple.
Natural, Raven Black, Orange,
Natural, Raven Black, Raspberry,
Natural, Raven Black, Navy Blue,
Natural, Raven Black, Arctic blue,
Natural, Raven Black, Arctic red. 
You must also tell me the size sweater you require: Small, Medium, Large, XL.
Best of Luck to all who enter.
Will update with photo's soon♥
EXTENDED TILL the 31st December 2017.

And the winners are.....

The 2 winners drawn at random are: tktl & Vanessa...congratulations to you both.

You each win 1 skein of Out♥lander yarn & a ball of pure qiviut. 

Thank you to all who took part. Looks like the Lallybroch colourway was a clear winner.

Please check back soon for the next blog entry. I will include the pattern to knit the hat & mitts from the outlander yarn & a new giveaway ! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NEW....Out♥lander Inspired yarn with Qiviut-Giveaway September 2017

Tundra..... life in the Arctic circle.
Been quite a while since my last post. Late 2016 i decided to concentrate all my spare time into my Shetland sheep project/hobby. The flock has grown (today i have 148 heads) & they are producing some of the best quality Shetland wool yarn in the World!! Soft n supple & just gorgeous, a pure Joy to knit with.The hobby turned into a full time job for me, most of 2017 has been very hectic. As soon as we are done processing kilo's of pure qiviut yarn we have to load the machines with batches of Shetland fleece to get all the orders out ! I'm hoping that things are about to settle down very soon, my lambs are sold & most are leaving within the month, so i will have more time to blog about my fibery passions of Qiviut yarns & Shetland wool.

And introducing my newest yarn....Inspired by the Out♥lander series 150 gram skeins with about 750 yards. Blend is 90% Shetland 10% Qiviut. $35.00 Canadian per skein.

Colours from left to right: Lallybroch, Shades of muted green & light grey with a deep shade of moss.

Dragonfly in Amber, Buttercup, orange & deepest brown,

 Over the sea to Sky- shades of blue & sea grass,

 & standing stones- shades of grey with natural hints of the base colour of the yarn.

We made a small batch for the twist fibre festival & they all sold within an hours or so.
 I can't wait to knit something with this yarn. Was thinking about a hat & fingerless mittens in the Lallybroch colourway. With some parts of the design knit in pure qiviut yarn. If I'm using Lallybroch i thought i would add some 100% Qiviut in Moss colour to the ribbed cuff of the hat & the mittens.

So i have the hat design worked out on paper all i have to do now is wait for the fresh batch of Out♥lander yarns coming off the machines in a few days. I will cast on the moment they are dry. I'm hoping to get pictures on here within a few days !
And here they are....

The giveaway: Will draw at random 2 winners to win enough yarn to complete the hat & mitten project. (please check back here for pictures & the patterns)

Runs from August 30th to September 30th 2017.

Answer in the comments section - from each of the colours above, what is your favourite one & for each of the colours above what project is the yarn calling you to make ?

I also have a yarn giveaway ongoing on my Shetland wool blog....the Mioget shawl, pop over to the blog to check it out !

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

100% Qiviut smokering giveaway for May 2016

100% Qiviut Smokering

We don't seem to be getting any sunny days. Spring is still cold & damp here.

Most days I'm still wearing a qiviut smokering to beat the chill. So soft & warm you forget your wearing it !

This month i decided to give one of you Lucky crafty people a chance to own one of my qiviut smokerings.
Retail value $195.00 Canadian
This one is knit from my light worsted weight 3 ply, shown in the Natural colour. You can choose the natural or one of these lovely shades:
 Please note: the yarn shades above are our Qiviut/Angora rabbit blend yarns. This yarns base colour is lighter than 100% Qiviut so the colour of the smokering will be darker !
LEFT TO RIGHT: Hunter, light blue, Arctic red, Purple, Raven Black, Mahogany, Arctic rose, Egyptian Red, Bordeaux Navy blue & Azalea.

To enter tell me in the comments section what colour you would prefer to receive ?
One winner drawn at random,
Runs from 4th MAY TO 31st MAY 2016

Good Luck to you all !

The winner of the Emsket smokering from the Shetland wool blog entry March was Karen

Emsket smokering knit from Shetland Tundra yarn !

The winner of the Mill ends from last months giveaway was  Chanda.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mill ends giveaway for April 2016

Just a quick entry for this month as I'm rushing around with lambing chores & getting lots of fibre & yarns ready for the Toronto Knitters Frolic on the 30th April ......Yikes its soon !

This is a lovely little lot of mill ends, all 100% Qiviut & mostly 2 ply lace weight. 

Weighs 97 grams with about 700 yards & all in their Natural state.

To enter simply tell me what you would knit with this little lot. Please include the name of the pattern & the name of the designer so if others want to knit the pattern they can easily find it online......thank you & best of Luck to you all !

Runs from April 3rd TO April 30th 2016

Winner will be announced when i return from the Toronto show (about the 2nd May) 

***Ruanna Update*** last months winner was Teri with her entry of ''Highland Tundra'
The blog post in May will contain updates of the Ruanna (knitting may even be finished) so far i have two front panels half way done. and have changed my mind about the pockets being knit from Highland Tundra, i will knit the pockets in the Shetland Tundra yarn & use the Highland Tundra for the collar......more luxurious I'm thinking !

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cabled Ruana-Giveaway for February & March 2016

Celtic Cabled Ruana....

2016 is going to be all about me promoting my Shetland products that contain Qiviut wool in the blend. In doing so, i have decided to refrain from hand knitting custom orders until the Autumn. This will give me more time to work on the crafty things I love Shetland sheep, Qiviut & Angora rabbits & cable knitting. 

                 In September of last year we removed ALL SUPERWASH from our qiviut yarn blends due to it being Bad for the environment & replaced it with our own Organic Shetland Lambs wool!

What is a Ruana....It's a large flowing rectangular garment with a long back section & two fronts, knit in one piece with sides wide enough to give a good drape inplace of sleeves. In my opinion they are very stylish.

If your not sure what a Ruana is, here's one. THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN. I found this on Google images & thought i would borrow it to demonstrate.The shape on this one is so lovely, i like how the shoulders fall away. We could easily add a belt. And see how the fringe gives the impression that the garment has more length to it.The pockets are awesome too !

For this giveaway you need to do 2 things: 

1:In comments section tell me what colour you would prefer to knit your Ruana.

 2: Name our blend of 50% Qiviut-50% Organic Shetland wool yarn.
Colours from Top: White, Grey, Black, Moorit & Fawn 

Natural white(has a grey tinge to it due to the qiviut can't been seen in picture),

All these colours are totally natural & contain 85% Organic Shetland Lambs wool & 15% Qiviut down spun into our worsted weight Shetland Tundra blend.

The Ruana i knit will be all my own design, Will add the pattern to a future post, most likely in late February when i get it all worked out.
I plan on adding cables, Moss stitch, knitting on larger needles to allow the knitted fabric to drape properly. Another must is to cast on the two fronts at the same time, add pockets knit from our 50% Qiviut/Shetland blend yarn, i think it will just add that little bit of something special to the garment !

In comments section find name for the qiviut/Shetland blend yarn, What colour you would choose for your Ruana !
Only 1 entry per person
Runs from January 27th TO March the 25th 2016
1 winner drawn at random-prize is: enough Shetland Tundra yarn to knit your Ruana & enough 50%-Qiviut/Shetland blend to knit the pockets. Yarns will be mailed out to the winner once i know how much yardage will be required to knit the cabled garment !

I look forward to reading your entry' of Luck to you All ! 

Sorry for the delay announcing the winner but we had a really hard time deciding on the name & had to wait until i got a few family members together, in the end it went to a vote & the winner was '' Highland Tundra' congratulations to Terri, well done !

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Will be back sometime in January 2016

In the meantime i have a giveaway going on at the Shetland wool blog. Go check out the Cabled Brassay headband with Tundra qiviut squishy ♥

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taking A Break !

As you have probably guessed I'm taking a break until August 2015.

My work commitments leaves very little energy or time for blogging. we are also expecting our first Grandchild in a few weeks, we are so excited at the thought of becoming grandparents ! 

 I'm sure some future posts will include baby Ruby in qiviut knitwear.

Thank you for following my blog & please check back in August for more fun giveaways.....I'm filling yarn baskets with mill ends almost daily, have a Wonderful Summer !

Bye for now♥ 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mill Ends Giveaway For December 2014

100% pure Magical Qiviut Bobbin ends.....LUSH !

Finally got most of our Christmas RUSH orders sent off, been making lots of pure qiviut sweaters in the light worsted weight 3ply Magical Qiviut...... I tried one of the sweaters on. They are VERY SOFT BUT VERY' VERY WARM, TOO WARM FOR ME !
   I may have more time to work on the blogs & finally make some items for myself !
This month its more mill ends. This lush lot (shown at the top of the page) is mostly 2 ply lace weight yarn in their Natural state
but i could hand dye them for whoever should win to any of these colours below:

 Colours are (Clockwise) Bordeaux, Burnt Orange, Raven Black, Arctic Red, Slate blue, Arctic cherry, Turquoise green, Arctic Blue, Purple, Turquoise.

Now because the yarns are from several batches there will be a shade difference in the finished dyed yarn, some will be dark & some will be a lighter shade ! To enlarge any image just click on it.

To enter the December giveaway tell me what you would knit with the yarn & What colour you would choose - Natural as they are or hand dyed !

Open to everyone, runs from December 1 st to December 31st 2014

One winner drawn at Random.

Merry Christmas♥

Friday, November 7, 2014

Winner of the Magical Qiviut yarn

And the winner is #5-Margaretrer...pls contact me with your details at:


Will be posting the next giveaway tomorrow.....more mill ends !

Friday, October 3, 2014

Winner of the Name that Alpaca/Qiviut yarn & another Giveaway

    After much deliberation we decided to go with an Inuit                                         name...anana Qiviut

Afterall our wonderful qiviut fibre comes from the Far North & it was about time we paid tribute to the Wonderful Inuit community.

The winner of the skein of anana qiviut yarn is Brandon who entered so many names it was a real challenge to pick just one. Anana meaning 'Beautiful'.

Thank you to all who entered there were so many lovely names that would have complemented this yarn very well. So many great entries it has taken us 3 days to decide !

Brandon you win a 100 Gram skein of this Beautiful yarn, please contact me with your details at:

cottagecraftangora(at) to you !

The October yarn giveaway is one of these little Gems !

To enlarge & see more detail click on the image !

 Winner will receive a 100 gram skein of our lace weight Magical qiviut with 720 (ish) yards

in your colour choice. The colours are: 

(TOP ROW) Raspberry, Arctic blue, (Bottom row) Purple, Arctic Red.

All you have to do is tell us what you would knit & what colour you would choose.

1 winner drawn at random

Runs from 11th October to 31 st October 2014

open to knitters world wide ! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Name That Yarn-competition giveaway for August/September 2014

And here is the most scrumptious Qiviut yarn ever !

The blend is 50% premium Qiviut with 50% Baby Alpaca.
The Alpaca comes from a local farm, we love to support local producers. Each fall, after the Alpaca shows are over for the year we go to their farm to buy all the prize winning Champion fleece. These fleece are the highest quality with the lowest micron count so you can imagine how soft the yarn is when blended with musk words can describe ! The base colour of the Alpaca is Dark brown & throughout the skein you can see the odd glimpse of the grey Qiviut. 

I knit a small shawl with the yarn using a 5.00mm & the HALO is wonderful. Will add a photo once i block the shawl. Turned out really lovely, will try to get a better photo you can hardly see the Purl ridges in this picture. I'M off to Twist fibre festival this weekend, i should be able to take a better picture

The yarn is a 3ply Worsted weight. If you were considering using this yarn for a lace shawl you will need to use a large needle or Hook size due to the amount of Halo as the lacy pattern will be lost. I on the other hand would love to knit gloves from this yarn. I can just see myself wearing those gloves all winter long. The yarn has very little memory due to the composition of the fibre's so gloves will need a sturdy wrist section probably knit on a 2.5 To 2.75mm needle.
I Sold the Alpaca/Qiviut shawl at the Twist show before i got a chance to take a picture

Your mission is to find us a name for this yarn.

Add your entry in the comments section, you can enter as many times as you like. The chosen name will be announced on the 30th September 2014.
Open to everyone.
Prize: 100 gram skein of this LUSH New yarn. 

If you are Lucky enough to be attending Twist fibre festival

here is a i will have this yarn & shawl with me so you can stop by the booth & give it a squeeze 

We will also have our Roving ball with us. Shoppers at our booth will be given the chance to guess the weight of the ball of Roving. 

The blend is 50% Qiviut 20% silk 30% Cashmere winner of the Roving Ball will be announced after the show on the 31st August 2014 !

Will add more photos soon so please check back !
Best of Luck with your entry♥


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mill Ends Giveaway for July 2014

More bobbin ends !

We have been making lots more yarn lately & that means bobbin ends.....too good to throw away !

This lovely lot is 367 grams. Spun into 2ply lace, 3ply worsted & 4 ply sock weight

The blends are Qiviut-Cashmere-Silk-Angora rabbit-with one or 2 small skeins of 100% Magical qiviut all natural shades. 

Click on the picture to enlarge it !

Because there is so much yardage & weight i thought i would divide into 2 lots so there will be 2 winners.

To enter simply head over to Ravelry, join our ''cottage craft angora mill'' group & 2 winners from the group members will be drawn at random on the 1st of August to win a 183 gram lot.(If you are already a group member then no need to do anything...your already entered )


Must be a member of our Ravelry group.

If you enter you declare that you are willing to share the project you knit or crochet with our ravelry group in the photo/projects section.

Open to knitters/crocheters world wide.

Runs from 5Th July TO 31st July 2014

Here is the link to our Ravelry

Best of Luck to you !

Please check back soon.....we have a Name that yarn event coming soon.
This is the yarn
A blend of 50% Baby Alpaca 50% Qiviut spun into a worsted weight, will be available in 3 Natural colours

The two winners drawn at random are Ravelry group members: lorainec & Lynn-marie.....congratulations! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Winner of the magical qiviut yarn in Raven black

                  And the winner is... after much debate...

              Carlene & the 'bone yard Shawl' designed by Stephen West

Here is a link to the shawl pattern:

The yarn is perfect, the pattern will be stunning knit in this semi-worsted weight Luxurious qiviut yarn, perfect project in every way right down to the needle size & generous Yardage.

Carlene pls contact me via Ravelry with your details. I am 'The Qiviut Fairy'

Friday, March 21, 2014

Toronto Knitting Frolic & yarn giveaway for March/May 31st - 2014


Frolicing Sheep Poster Designed by Heather Brady 

Its Show Time

And this is the first show of the year for us !

What can i tell you about the 'Frolic'......

It could very well be the best show in Eastern Canada. The Venue hasn't changed locations in years & i think it is one of the most beautiful locations to have a fibre event from a building stand point.
 The Frolic came to its current location on Apirl 16Th 2005

I love how the Vendors are dotted about in different rooms. There is plenty to see & occupy the mind with everything you could ever want to supply your crochet/knitting Addiction.
             The first Frolic show was held in 1998 at the Bloor Street United Church about 150 people attended. The Organizing committee of 5 & the Current President Carole Adams work incredibly hard to bring this great show to life giving their time for free.

              Today's show see's over 2,000 people through the doors thanks to the Dedicated work of the Down Town Knit Collective whose Goal is to 'share the advancement of knitting through the sharing of idea's & techniques, education & Community involvement' their goal appears to be working not only in the number of people that attend but the fact that they have chosen such a beautiful place to host & will continue to do so for years to come.

                                               A quiet little spot to sit in the Japanese Garden

                                Natural Light Filled spaces can be found everywhere in this building !

This brings me onto what we will give as a 'Raffle Prize'....this year we decided to give a $100 Gift certificate spendable at our booth on Frolic day, so if you happen to be the Lucky winner just stop by the booth & present your gift card & you can carry off 100 bucks worth of products.... all our yarns, even the pure qiviut!

For those readers who can't attend i have this.....

This is 100% Magical Qiviut in 3ply a huge skein of  Raven Black 140 grams with 567 Yards

To win this you must tell us what you will knit with it, then if you are the winner you must list the project on your Ravelry projects page & share it with our group here:

This Give away Runs FROM: 21st March to May 31st 2014

Rules: if you take part you agree to knit what you said you would knit & that you agree to list the project on your Ravelry page & you agree to share your Ravelry project page with our group ! 

If you do not intend to do this then Do Not Enter !  

                           Open to knitters OR Crocheters world wide.

                                Hope to see you at the Frolic ♥

here is a link to the Down town knit collective to learn more about the guild & what they are currently

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winners from January 2014 for the 100%qiviut texting mitts

                              The 4 Winners drawn at random are:


                                                North Caster, 

                                               Michele Brelia, 


Please contact me so i can mail out the yarns & patterns !

Sunday, January 5, 2014

100% pure qiviut mill ends giveaway for January 2014

 2014-mill ends !

We made it through the Ice Storm but lost our connection due to the ice destroying the internet tower ! Without the internet connection I found I was less distracted. This gave me chance to catch up on more orders & get them mailed out ASAP.

                    Have not had time though to work on the special post I planned for January
The pillow knit from ''The Little Prince Batch of Yarn'' will have to wait until February after I finish all my qiviut sweater orders.

The yarns above are what I found laying around on bobbins. Skeined & washed. A gorgeous lot of 2ply & 3 ply magical qiviut shown  These yarns will knit some lovely texting mitts.....more than 1 pair. Different shades from about 4 different batches of yarns but all PURE LUSH QIVIUT !

                   This month we will draw at random 4 winners, YES 4. This gives more people a chance to experience just how FANTASTIC Qiviut yarns & Knitwear are.

I will be updating this post & add my texting mitt pattern later in the week.

 To Enter: Simply tell us that you would love to knit the text mitts above & your entered !

Open to knitters world wide.
Only one entry per person.
Runs from: January 5th TO  31st January 2014

The Pattern:

you will need, a total of 40 grams of yarn for each pair.

1 set of 3.00mm D.P.N's

1 pair of straight needles 3.5mm

3 st marker (2 same colour) 

wool needle.

The leafy cuff is knit lengthways then the lace cuff is stitched to the cast on edge of the mitt. Mitts are circular knit with a Picot edge to finish.
Use a single strand of 3ply yarn for the leafy cuff & for the main part of mitt use 2 strands of lace qiviut held together.

Tension: 7sts = 1''inch X 9 Rows = 1''inch 

These mitts fit the average person. You will need to adjust your needle size to get the correct tension.

To Begin, with D.P.N's cast on 42 sts, divide sts thus 14-14-14, join to work in rnd, pm & knit every rnd until work measures 8 cm.

Begin Thumb Inc's:

Thumb shaping is knit on needle #2

1: k18 sts, pm, m1, k1, m1, k1, pm, k to end of rnd.

2: & all alt rnds, k without shaping.

3: k18, sm, m1, k3, m1, sm, k to end

5: k18, sm, m1, k5, m1, sm, k to end

7: k18, sm, m1, k7, m1, sm, k to end

9: k18, sm, m1, k9, m1, sm, k to end.

11: k18, sm, m1, k11, m1, sm, k to end.

Next rnd, k18, remove marker, put 12 sts onto a holder or waste yarn, remove other thumb marker. make/inc 2 sts & continue knitting across closing the gap.
Continue working in plain k rnds until work reaches just past your knuckles.

Picot Edge:

At beg of rnd, * k1, yo, k2tog, rep from * to marker.
Next, k 6 rnds then bind/cast off all 42 sts. Turn the edge to inside & sew inplace catching the purl side loops & using only light tension on the yarn so the sts are even & neat !

Make another cuff. 

Leafy cuff pattern- make 2

Cast on 8 sts on with 3.5mm straights 

1: (rs) k5, yf, k1, yf, k2.

2: p6, inc in next by knitting into front & back of it, k3.

3: k4, p1, k2, yf, k1, yf, k3.

4: p8, inc in next st, k4.

5: k4, p2, k3, yf, k1, yf, k4.

6: p10, inc in next st, k5.

7: k4, p3, k4, yf, k1, k5.

8: p12, inc in next st, k6.

9: k4, p4, yb, sl1, k1, psso, k7, k2tog, k1.

10: p10, inc in next st, k7.

11: k4, p5, sl1, psso, k5, k2tog, k1.

12: p8, inc in next st, k2, p1, k5.

13: k4, p1, k1, p4, sl1, psso, k3, k2tog, k1.

14: p6, inc in next st, k3, p1, k5.

15: k4, p1, k1, p5, yb, sl1, psso, k1, k2tog, k1.

16: p4, inc in next st, k4, p1, k5.

17: k4, p1, k1, p6, yb, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1.

18: p2tog, cast off 5 sts using p2tog as first of these sts(1st is on right needle), k1, p1, k5.

Rep these 18 rows another 2 times then bind/cast off all 8 sts.

with 2 right sides facing sew lace cuff to edge of mitt cuff. 

Knit Thumb: Pick up the 12 sts from waste yarn, join to work in rnd & knit 8 rnds.

Cast/bind off the 12 sts. 

This is the 4 lots. I tried to match them up as best as i could with a shade difference between the cuff
& mitt part. To work with this odd yarn you will need to Divide all your 2ply lace weight yarn into 2 lots knitting in a sequence & repeat for the other text mitt......if i have time i will divide them for you & bag the yarns for left & right mitt in 2 small bags & most likely ball them for you too so you can start knitting the moment you open the little package !

This a pair I'm working on knit from Qiviut-Queen yarn in Raven Black. (70% Merino-10% qiviut-10%cashmere-10%silk) Even with only 10% qiviut in the yarn blend you can feel the difference in the warmth & softness, the blend has just the right amount of Elasticity too to make great socks that are quite Durable ! 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winner of the Raw musk ox fibre & Yarns from November 2013

The 1 st name drawn was Asteride, you wine the raw qiviut

Congatulations please contact me !

2nd winner drawn at random was Samsara, please contact me !

Check back later today for the next blog giveaway, its for a sweet little pillow knit from 100% qiviut, very special qiviut !


                                            Knit From This very Batch.