Saturday, March 2, 2013

March giveaway- mill ends in colour

The two winners drawn at randon from the february draw are:
Jiminator and Bernie Holberg.....pls contact me so i can mail you your lovely qiviut yarn kits !

I thought i would offer something a little different this month.

Mill ends in your colour choice....

It's time for another clean out. In the basket below are wonderful soft yummie yarns in pure qiviut, qiviut/silk, qiviut/cashmere, qiviut/angora, qiviut/merino all in 2ply, 3ply and 4 ply's - 347 grams total !

I thought you could choose (if you are the winner) 1 colour from the yarns below and i will dye the whole batch in your colour choice. It will be fun to see the various shades of the same colour all in different hue's and tones...... the dye will make an wonderful colour variation throughout the could make a unique artsy shawl with 347 grams !

Colour selections only 1colour !

 To biggy any picture just click on it

1: Hunter green,
2: slate blue,
3: Egyptian red,
4: Purple,
5: Raven black,
6: Mahogany,
7: Raspberry,
8: Turkey red,
9: Bordeaux,
10: Navy blue,
11: Azalea.
To Enter: simply tell us what colour you would choose. 
If you are the winner then i will dye all 347 grams for you in your colour choice.
Open to all worldwide.
Only one entry per person.
No anonymous entries......they will be deleted !
RUNS FROM: 02 March 2013 TO 31st March 2013.
Best of Luck to you all !