Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raw Musk ox fibre & Mill ends- give away for November 2013

From this....

                                    60 grams of raw dawn

 To This........

200 grams of mill ends

This month's give away i thought i would include some raw musk ox down for the hand spinners out there !

                     Its quite easy to de-hair on a small scale. You simply break off a small piece, hold the down firmly & with the other hand try to remove as many dark black guard hairs as possible until your left with just soft fluffy down.
For best results you need plenty of light & work over a white surface such as a sheet of paper...the black hairs show up quite clearly !  

                      The yarns are a selection of 100% qiviut, qiviut & cashmere, qiviut & silk, qiviut-queen-yarn. The Inuit blue skein is qiviut & silk, a 60 odd gram skein i found in my stash.....will never get around to knitting with it so some other knitter may as well have the use of it to make something beautiful & spectacular! 

Runs from 12 th November TO 30 th November 2013
open to everyone world wide.
Two winners drawn at random, one winner will receive the yarn & the other will receive the raw musk ox fibre.

I'm getting in the mood for Christmas. I just finished my Christmas shopping on line-i never buy from physical stores anymore, its beautiful to avoid the crowds & shop while enjoying a Huge glass of Red wine !

snow has come to the Adstock Hills. This is what i woke upto this morning

Simply tell us what Crafty gifts you hope to receive this year from Santa ?

Best of Luck !

The Shetland wool blog monthly giveaway is posted, this month its for a fair isle Throw already knit & ready to gift.....here: www.shetlandwool.blogspot.ca

Monday, November 4, 2013

Winner of Mill ends-October 2013

And the winner is: Mel.

Just as a matter of interest to readers i use the free random number generator !

Next blog enrty will be posted in a couple of days......pls check back.