Monday, March 15, 2010

100% Qiviut cabled cardi- part 2:

Ok so i have started the Left Front and boy is it going fast working on 4.00mm's & only 73sts & 2 cables. I love doing cables so much that i can't put it down. The back of the sweater weighed a total of 95 grams so the fronts should take at least 10% more.....this means with all my odd ends of batches i should have enough to finish the cardigan. The left sleeve is now finished & i have started the right. I can't wait for it to be done so i can weigh the whole thing to know exactly how much yarn our new pattern will require ! At this stage i'm enjoying every st.........but what color should i dye this ? At the moment i'm into Black, Purple & Raspberry !
Coloring a Qiviut sweater is quite nerve wracking......i just know i'm going to be stressed all the time its in the pot even though i kind of know what i'm doing. The pieces of knitwear have to be dyed before stitching them together this allows the dye to get even coverage, the bands have to be knit after dyeing so we need to add enough yarn to the dye pot too, but what color ?