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New for 2017. Musk ox filled Duvets......super warm & super light weight.

Ultimate qiviut scarves in Navy Blue, Arctic Red & Bordeaux.

Raven cardigan, knit with Raspberry colour pure qiviut yarns & Shetland wool $1,200.00

French ribbed sweater-Arctic red $2,200.00

Some Shetland wool shawls.

100% Qiviut Mittens, 6 ply, natural color also available in Raven Black, Turkey red, Navy Blue, Ever green, Purple or Hunter green. This same design is also available in a Glove. Sizes: S,M,L,XL
Clic here to visit:
Lacey Fingerless gloves. Knit from 100% Qiviut. 4 ply yarn, Sizes: S, M, L, XL
To buy qiviut gloves and mitts clic here:
100% Qiviut sweater, rolled edge casual style perfect for the weekend is very warm and soft.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Shown in natural is also available in  Raven black, navy blue, red.

80% Qiviut - 20% Merino, fully hand knit, shown in a 6 ply the sweater is Very thick compaired to most qiviut sweaters, ribbed design throughout and is also available with a hood. Shown in natural but can also be hand dyed to raven black, navy blue, hunter green, bordeaux, purple, turkey red.
To buy this sweater or the sweater above go to:

100% Qiviut socks, fully hand knit from a 6 ply to make the socks more durable. Most people who bought these socks used them as house/bed socks. Wonderful for people who suffer from poor circulation as the qiviut warms muscles !  These socks are avilable from:

Artists hand scarf above....90% Qiviut-10% Silk shown in Qivuit Taiga color.
cascading lace leaves throughout !
To see more of these scarves go to    they will be available in the Fall 2010 into winter 2011. 

100% Qiviut scarf, knit with our 2 ply lace weight yarns, blocked and seamed .
I knit this scarf for Juliette Kaplan. Juliette plays the Character 'Pearl' in Last of the summer wine.
Check her out at . And you may want to check out

Compo's hat Reinvented !
this is my take on compo's hat. Compo was played by the actor Bill Owen who has since passed away !
Compo was a character from last of the summer wine, over the years to my knowledge there were  4 wooly hats worn by Bill in character. He was fantastic, small and scruffy, very talented and sheer bliss to watch. This hat is knit with qiviut/merino yarn and hand painted in Evergreen to represent the green rolling hills of Yorkshire and light Fern to contrast. I am working on the last hat worn by Compo and will be taking it to the last of the summer wine cafe in the village of  Holmfirth in the U.K ......outside the cafe is a life size figure of Compo and i must have a picture of him in the hat.
To see more of our qiviut-muskox hats go to our site page:
this is a picture of the Trio together Compo, Cleg and Favorite Trio !

Our newest scarf. 100% Bison, shown in natural chocolate brown color. Oversized and very luxurious with all around fringe detail. Measures 6'' X 65'' long enough to wrap around a few times.....very warm and very soft. Available only from
100% Bison/Buffalo scarf $180.00 each

                                  Soft as a Cloud Qiviut Shawl.......

Tundra wrap ......100% Qiviut.
All over lace design, shown in natural color. Measures 72'' X 24'' inches

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