Qiviut Fiber

This is a tray of Natural shed qiviut before washing or dehairing......not too many guard hairs compaired to clipped qiviut. Will add more pics soon of different types of qiviut including WHITE QIVIUT !

Yes this is white musk ox fibre !

This is about 2 LB's of white qiviut. Unwashed and not yet dehaired. This is from Natural shed that was hand picked from the Tundra ! I have been told by the Inuit that there are a few white musk oxen. The only whites they know about are all Large Adult males who are the big boss of the herd. In 5 years of processing qiviut this is the 1 st time we have received white so im really looking forward to working with this and will use it for a special future project.

Musk ox horns.....given to us by the Inuit. I will have these transformed into buttons for our custom knitwear projects and will possibly have some for sale too !
Freshly shed pure Natural Qiviut fibre from the Tundra.......we bought in a huge lot and are keeping this for our 'Artists hand' yarn 90% Qiviut- 10% Silk and our new blend 'shades of the Tundra' yarn 60% Qiviut - 20% silk - 20% Bamboo. The yarn once spun will be a very light color and will take the dye really well so that the colors are sharpe and bright !

This is 10LB's of raw picked qiviut just waiting to get on the dehairing machine for its very 1 st pass When we are done we should collect about 7Lb's of good quality fiber for spinning and 3LB's of manky guard hairs.


  1. The last picture of the 10 pound bin of fiber makes me just want to flop back in it and giggle!!

  2. I'm looking for some raw qiviut (not dehaired) to buy for spinning. Do you know where I might find some? Thank you! I'm with Vykky on the flopping and giggling...

  3. I'm with Vykky and Sittin on the flopping and giggling too!

    I would love to try some raw qiviut to spin, do you sell it?

  4. I found a little tundra qiviut. Excited. :) How do I wash and clean my new found lil treasure. I do not do yarn. But I want to do this correctly.

    1. Congratulations on your find !
      Try to remove as many guard hairs & debris as possible before washing.
      To wash add fibre to a laundry bag, place in sink with warm water & a mild detergent, rinse & repeat. Spin or press out the water & lay it out to dry.
      Have fun !