Friday, November 19, 2010

Artists Hand scarf...the giveaway

This is the lace scarf  knit from 'artists hand yarn' as part of our competition . Is knit from yarn number 1, measures 10'' X 52'' and is just so lightweight and soft, complete with a beaded slide that you can remove. Enter the competiton below for your chance to win this scarf and a 100 gram skein of this Gorgeous yarn !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

yarn giveaway-win a skein of 'artists Hand' yarn

Here at cottage we are asking for yarn color name suggestions for our new 'artists hand' yarns 90% Qiviut- 10% Merino. To enter choose a name for each of the 5 yarns above, leave your suggestions in comments section and the person with the 5 best names wins ! To make it fair for everyone it will be my business partner who decides which entry wins
As this type of yarn is sooo special we would like the colour names to reflect the yarn content....think Qiviut - Musk Oxen - Tundra -Arctic of the Tundra....check out Google and see what you can come up with !
Competition is open to wide, closing date: December 31st 2010.What you win: 1 -100 gram skein of artists hand And a lace scarf 52'' X 10'' knit from 'artists hand yarn' the winner will be announced on this blog new years day( if i havent got a massive your thinking cap on !