Monday, October 31, 2011

100% Qiviut scarf competition/giveaway.

         Finished all my custom knit orders and even my Christmas knitting is done ! Finally got to cast on for this months competition. This time its a 100% qiviut scarf, easy lace stitch but the special bit is the WHITE Qiviut, yes white ! I have been lucky enough to get a small quantity of white qiviut and thought it would be nice to add some to this scarf . The picture above makes the qiviut look really white but its not that white, more creamish. we had to add 15% merino to the white qiviut as it was a bit short, we closed the twist but it should still have a lovely soft Halo after washing. 
Below is a picture of the Stroller outfit and baby Blanket i knit using white and natural qiviut.
The white and natural color look good together.

About the scarf: White qiviut scalloped edge changes to Natural colored qiviut, Knit width ways, you cast on 412 sts on 3.5mm-US4. Has an easy lace st design, should measure about 72'' long and 7'' wide after blocking......i hope !
The competition...... 31-10-2011 TO 28-11-2011.
This month we are giving 2 prizes: 1st the yarn in natural qiviut and some white qiviut to knit this scarf, (your saying, 'what scarf ', well i have to knit it but will add pics as i go along )  2nd the actual scarf so you can gift it (it's nearly christmas) or keep it for yourself !

To enter: Tell us what knitted item you Gift the most for others !
example, Mine happens to be Scarves !

yarn requirements: 50 grams of lace weight yarn and 15 grams of contrast lace yarn. Total yards about 480.
The pattern:
With contrast yarn and US4 - 3.5mm straights Cast on 433 sts.
Rows 1-4:  Knit.

Row 5: (rs) 1st and last 6 sts form the edges of scarf and should be knit on every row seperate with a st marker.  k1, * (k2tog) twice, (yf,k1) 3 times, yf, (sl1, psso) twice, k1,(place stitch marker here to seperate the pat rep's )

Row 6: purl.

Rep rows 5 and 6 - three more times, then rep all 12 rows to form the pattern as set.

Continue to work another 4 pattern repeats and the knit a further 4 rows in white qiviut or contrast yarn.

To bind/cast off knit with 2 strands of white/contrast yarn held together to give a nice sturdy secure edge to the scarf.

Got 2''inches done so far......only another 4'' inches to go......its quite slow, takes about 20 minutes for 1 row!
Well its getting there. Today is the 27th of November and the deadline is the 28th so i only have a couple of hours to finish and get it mailed off to the Lucky winner. It now measures 5'' inches, only 2'' to go, i will work on it this evening while watching 'House of eliott' and will post the final picture after blocking !
After blocking the scarf measures 7'' X 76'' and i'm really happy with the look of the scarf ! Its very soft, has a wonderful Halo.

The 2 winners drawn at random are:
Karen our scarf winner and Brendaknits our yarn winner.....Thanks to all who took part ! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Competition winner

Sorry for the delay i have been unwell.........
The winner drawn at random is : arctiknits !

Congrats, contact us for your prize.

Stay tuned for next competition 100% qiviut scarf kit !