Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mill Ends giveaway For April 2013

Another lovely lot........

Been having another clean out. This lot of bobbin ends weighs 230grams, a mix of 2,3 and 4ply. The white you see is pure cashmere.The grey is qiviut blends and the browns are wonderful 100% pure qiviut,  its a nice little lot. the yarns are unwashed so feel a bit yak as they are full of spinning oils and anti-static but i will wash them for you before i mail them. i really think this lot is just too perfect to dye !
            You could make a lovely shawl or scarf. Imagine knitting feather and fan stitch shawl and lining each colour up as you go along working just a few rows or even a whole pattern rep ! Could even start your christmas knitting early....a few scarves for loved one's !

The mill ends lot from last month giveaway has been dyed mahogany......

i love how the dye takes on a different tone and depth throughout and i hope our winner Kathy will send us a picture of the finished whatever she knits !!! that big skein of seasilk/qiviut has taken on an intresting sheen and Kathy requested two silvery looking skeins to be left natural...hope i got the 2 skeins she was talking about correct.

One winner randomly drawn.
To enter and win the natural lot of yarns shown at the top of this page just tell us what you would knit, scarf, shawl or whatever.
Runs from: 6th April 2013 to 30th April of luck !

Check out my shetland wool blog this month we need your help to name our new shetland /qiviut yarn......the winner will be sent enough shetland/qiviut blend yarn to knit my new shawl design of leaves and cables, pop on over.....happy Spring time everyone ! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Winner from March mill ends Give away

The winner drawn at random is Kathy Zelenka......she has requested her yarns will be dyed mahogany & a couple left natural.....congratulations Kathy your yarns will mail out on wednesday.

Next giveaway will be posted in a few hours.....more mill ends !