Monday, February 21, 2011

competition winner

And the winner is: Darcys Knotty Knitter.
Darcy wins 3 skeins of Arctic musk ox blend in her color choice raspberry ripple. Congrats ! And thanks to all who took part.....the clear winner is the Egyptian red.
We would like everyone to know how we choose at random: as the comments come in we write the name down on a little post it note paper and slip it in a bag that we have hanging on the office notice board. The day after the competiton i get someone passing through ( business partner, kids, customer)to pick 1 its fair for all who enter.
The next competiton is planned and will be posted soon.........Egytian Red SOCKS !

Friday, February 18, 2011

Buffalo/Bison Blanket

Another little treasure complete ! All knitters love that feeling you get when you have completed another project and you just know EVERY ST is PERFECT.....I know this blog is supposed to be about 'Qiviut' but Buffalo
 is another little Luxury i allow myself to indulge in.
100% Pure buffalo, Fully dehaired so the blanket is very soft and oh so cuddly ! Designed this one with natural buffalo and navy blue, has raised stitch design on some blocs and plain knit sts on others  and at this moment its on its way to its new owner in Arlington VA. ''I'm sure your gonna love it Liz''. Blanket measures 54'' X 75'' but has a 2'' inch border all around. The buffalo has a wonderful soft spongy feel to it. I tested it by wrapping it around my shoulders and you could feel the heat starting to generate within 60 seconds.
This blanket is $ 950.00 usd and includes xpress shipping.