Sunday, August 17, 2014

Name That Yarn-competition giveaway for August/September 2014

And here is the most scrumptious Qiviut yarn ever !

The blend is 50% premium Qiviut with 50% Baby Alpaca.
The Alpaca comes from a local farm, we love to support local producers. Each fall, after the Alpaca shows are over for the year we go to their farm to buy all the prize winning Champion fleece. These fleece are the highest quality with the lowest micron count so you can imagine how soft the yarn is when blended with musk words can describe ! The base colour of the Alpaca is Dark brown & throughout the skein you can see the odd glimpse of the grey Qiviut. 

I knit a small shawl with the yarn using a 5.00mm & the HALO is wonderful. Will add a photo once i block the shawl. Turned out really lovely, will try to get a better photo you can hardly see the Purl ridges in this picture. I'M off to Twist fibre festival this weekend, i should be able to take a better picture

The yarn is a 3ply Worsted weight. If you were considering using this yarn for a lace shawl you will need to use a large needle or Hook size due to the amount of Halo as the lacy pattern will be lost. I on the other hand would love to knit gloves from this yarn. I can just see myself wearing those gloves all winter long. The yarn has very little memory due to the composition of the fibre's so gloves will need a sturdy wrist section probably knit on a 2.5 To 2.75mm needle.
I Sold the Alpaca/Qiviut shawl at the Twist show before i got a chance to take a picture

Your mission is to find us a name for this yarn.

Add your entry in the comments section, you can enter as many times as you like. The chosen name will be announced on the 30th September 2014.
Open to everyone.
Prize: 100 gram skein of this LUSH New yarn. 

If you are Lucky enough to be attending Twist fibre festival

here is a i will have this yarn & shawl with me so you can stop by the booth & give it a squeeze 

We will also have our Roving ball with us. Shoppers at our booth will be given the chance to guess the weight of the ball of Roving. 

The blend is 50% Qiviut 20% silk 30% Cashmere winner of the Roving Ball will be announced after the show on the 31st August 2014 !

Will add more photos soon so please check back !
Best of Luck with your entry♥



  1. Qivpaca , Chatelaine , Sublime , Indulgence , Nirvana ...

  2. Harmony, Allure, Bewitch, Elegance, Magnificence, Opulent, Luscious, Ambrosia

  3. Unfortunately I am performing at the Lennoxville Street Festival on August 23 and then driving to Toronto the next day, else I would love to go to Twist. I’m marking it on my calendar so I don’t forget to reserve that weekend next year.

    I suggest “Inca’s Delight” for the qiviut-alpaca yarn.

  4. Warm & Toasty
    In From the Cold
    Musky Paca Love
    Hug of Luxury

  5. I am happy to read that you will be at TWIST. I will also be coming on Sunday with a group of nine knitters and we hope to get some of your roving for our thrumming mittens. And your new blend's name: Shades of Brown.

    1. I'M looking forward to getting away from the mill for a few days !
      See you on Sunday

  6. My suggestion is 'Chocolate Dust' or 'Chocolate Dusk'.

  7. Hello There Everyone,

    What a joy it would be to share this yarn with the group that knits for;

    My name is Arctic Joy..!!!

    Cheers, Lizzi

  8. Oooh! That yarn sounds so amazing, I just want to pet it through my computer screen. My ideas are: Lush Tundra, Winter's Joy, Arctic Indulgence, Blizzard's Nemesis,or Twilight Comfort.

  9. Hmm How about Cloudsilk, Cloudsmoke, Cloudwarmth, Cloudy, Cloudland, Cloudwonder Cloud Something or Other!

  10. Hi Everyone,

    After great deliberation here area few more possibilities;

    Arctic Lush
    Arctic Luxury
    Arctic Comfort

    Can't wait to start knitting on this yarn..

    Good luck to everyone,


  11. Qi-Cria Blend, Softer than Soft QiPaca Blend, Baby Soft Qi-Paca, DownySoft Qivi/Cria. I'd really just like to call it Mine All Mine! Thanks for another wonderful and generous giveaway.

  12. Inca's Tundra Blend
    Andes of the Arctic


  13. Soft Darkness.
    Forever Warm.
    Musky alpacas.

    (Words feel inadequate for what that yarn must be)

  14. More name suggestions for you!

    Alpac-iut Blend
    Alpac-iviut Blend
    Alpa-qiviut Blend
    Qi-paca Blend

  15. As the yarn is so soft to the touch and shares so much of how you would describe a Chocolate Truffle, I'm going with

    Arctic Chocolate Truffle

    with other shades you could use 'creme', 'copper' etc.

  16. ala-viut, qiviut cloud, truffle-y goodness, sinfully soft, muskpaca, sinful chocolate, delightful qiviut blend,

  17. Apex, Glacier, Blizzard, Majestic Mountain, Foehn

    Whatever you call it, it looks wonderful!

  18. Similar to other suggestions, but my first thought when I read about it was a simple QiPaca

  19. Tundra Chocolate or Chocolate Tundra.

  20. Quite chocolate, soot, storm clouds, grey garden

  21. Qiviut Aurora! If anyone has seen the northern (borealis) or southern (australis) lights, the light halo of the alpaca/qiviut blend would look like the auroras. The lights also look light as a feather, just as this blend would feel.

  22. Here's a few more for your consideration:

    Arctic Radiance or Qiviut Radiance
    Arctic Opulence or Qiviut Opulence
    Arctic Splendour or Qiviut Splendour
    Arctic Majesty

    I like all these because they emphasize the luxuriousness and beauty of the yarn. Both Alpaca and Qiviut are my #1 knitting yarns. When I have the budget, I love knitting with Qiviut, but most of the time it's the alpaca my pocketbook can afford. Besides, I know a local alpaca rancher who has the most amazing fleeces that I love working with. Nothing like meeting the beasties who grow the beautiful fibers I knit and supporting local small businesses. Can't wait to see what other names knitters come up with.

  23. Hmm, you could just call it 'Lush'


    Chocolate Heaven
    Chocolate Nirvana
    Fluffy Thunder Cloud
    Spun Air at Dusk
    Soft Spun Smoke

  25. Halo with a Twist
    Halo with a Bit of Twist
    Halo with a Chocolate Twist

  26. My suggestion is: qivialux. This includes both qivi and al (for the two types of fiber) and lux, with two meanings: luxury (referring to the feel of the yarn) and lux (meaning light, referring to the halo). Inclusion of both the letters q and x suggest something special and unusual (especially for the Scrabble players among us!)

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  28. These are all inuit or Iñupiat words and their meanings. My yarn names would be : Mixik- very soft snow. Tark - darkness. Taggarik - pitch dark. Tartok - dark. Missuk - dew. Suluk-feather. Onartok-is warm. Pilitak-useful but not nessesary. Ukluk-brown bear skin. Namaktok-sufficient. Tonrar - ghost. Timik-body. Una-This one. Mauja-soft deep snow. Inuksuk-beacon. Kunikpok - kisses. Illamar - friend. Alapa - its cold. Omayok-alive. Koko-chocolate ( adopted from english ). Anana - beautiful. Qilaq - heaven. Massak - soft snow. Momerpok - dances. Anernerk - angel. Mai - admiration. Omayok - alive. Atka - Guardian spirit. Aipa - companion. Tomkin - home of the spirits. Ussertok - bare ( naked ). Talleriktok - is strong. Makkitpok-arrives from afar. Piolak - best. Sunaubva - astonishment. Sinniktok - is asleep. Nanuk - polar bear. Otok - basking seal. Umilik - bearded one. Innartok - is in bed. Miksani - between. Subluarpok - wind blows. Inolisartok - is newly born. Aupayartok-is brown. Immuyak - butter. Uimaitok - calm. Kakrayok - cheerful. Kapik - coffee. Kanga - colour. Kingudlerk - ultimate. Illautiwok - unites ( joins ). Makoktok - young. Nutaroyok - is new. Mingulertok - mist. Opinnartok-marvelous. Ipiktok - keen, sharp. Awisuitok-inseparable. Aitut - gift. Iyaroak - apple of your eye. Akkituyok-expensive. Kanittok - is close. Kraumayok - bright ( luminous ). Sinnektomawok - dreams. Erkpakpok - blooms ( flower etc ). Aksarnerk - aurora borealis. Pinnariyok - has an affection for. Anyu-snow used for a specific purpose. Just English names now - Polaris, or Polar star.

    1. Brandon please contact me, you won the yarn with your entry 'anana'
      congratulations !

  29. "Arctic Kiss", "Tundra Kiss", "Sweet Tundra" or "Moondance".

    1. Or "Qiviut Whisper", "Arctic Whisper", "Tundra Whisper", "Qiviut Mist".

  30. Here are a few more to think about:

    Polar Radiance, Polar Splendour or Polar Majesty.

    This will be a tough one to choose - all the suggestions are really great.

  31. autumn tundra, arctic bark, tundra bark, foggy tundra, misty tundra