Friday, July 31, 2009

100% Qiviut socks-ribbed top

These socks are just as soft as a cloud......pity they are not for me! I'm making them with a 4ply 100% qiviut and knitting on a 3.5mm D.P.N.I'm sure they will be super warm and comfortable to wear as ''house socks''.The rib is a nice k2,p2,and measures 7''inches long. By the time i'm done they will have used approx; 55 grams of qiviut........not bad yardage!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

100% Qiviut king size bed cover

I really enjoyed making this Blanket and would love to do it again.This was a custom made order going to a couple in Texas.......they will be warm! I machine knit the whole blanket in 3 sections and used my new linker machine to put it all together and added a sturdy rib around the whole perimeter and again used the linker......i love that makes finishing so much easier and neater.Made from 100% pure qiviut the blanket measures 90''X 90'' and took 960 grams to complete.This was the largest project i have made todate from pure qiviut and it put a big dent in my yarn stash!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Adult male Musk ox

Qiviut Lace Cap.......very cute and very easy!

 The Whispering Tundra Lace Cap easy and takes only 22 grams of either 100% qiviut or any of our 50% qiviut blends of 2 ply lace weight.

Close fitting and fits the average person.
TENSION:over rib section-8 sts=1''inch on 3.00mm circular needle
You will need:
160 yards of pure qiviut 2 ply lace yarn.
1 - 3.00 mm circular needle -max 40cm long
1 - set of 3.5mm D.P.N
10 stitch markers.
Point protectors.

Begin with Ribbed Brim

Cast on 122 sts, join to work in the rnd, k1, (pm)= place marker st, p1, continue in k1, p1 until work measures 1.5',inches long and make a double dec on last rnd so you have 120 sts.

Next: beg lace pattern, change to 3.5mm 
RNDS 1-4: knit 4 rnds.

RND 5: sm, k1, *(k2tog)twice, (yf,k1) 3 times, yf, (sl1,k1,psso) twice, k1, pm(place a stitch marker), rep from* (adding st markers as you go) back to the beg.
RND 6: knit
***rep the last 2 rnds 3 times more, then rep all 12 rnds until work measures 6.5''inches long from beg or until 3 full pattern repeats are made.

 Top Shaping                           

Next: knit 8 rnds in knit stitch and remove markers as you go (leave the beg st marker inplace)
Dec for top shaping:
1: *k8, k2tog ,rep from* to end.
2: And all alternate rows-knit.
3: *k7, k2tog, rep from * to end.
5: *k6, k2tog, rep from * to end.
7: *k5, k2tog, rep from*to end
9: *K4, k2tog, rep from * to end.(here you may want to change to D.P.N)
11: *K3, k2tog, rep from * to end.
13: *k2, k2tog, rep from * to end.
Break yarn leaving a 10'' inch tail, double up yarn and draw through remaining sts,close and sew in any loose ends, hand wash and lay flat to dry or set Iron to silk setting and lightly steam !

Most of the hats i knit have an  I-cord top sewn inplace and i love to add beads for a finishing touch.

Qiviut yarns.....wonderful colours to colour your life!

Our new bright qiviut:Hunter green,Blue slate,Egytian Red(gorgeous),Purple,Raven Black,Bronze,Raspberry,Turkey Red,Bordeaux,Navy blue and Azalea.
All colours are GORGEOUS and BRIGHT.........with all the softness remaining!

step 2:processing qiviut fibers and yarns

This photo shows how the raw fibre looks after picking.The fibre is put through the picker machine and shoots into the picker room through a hole in the wall.This is the stage we add our Anti-static blend......when the combination is just right all the black guard hairs fall effortlessly with little to no damage of the delicate musk ox down.

Step 1: Raw Qiviut(Musk ox)

This is a tray of unwashed raw Qiviut fibre.The 1 step in the processing is to wash,condition and dry the fibres.At this stage the qiviut is full of thick black guard hairs.The next step is to pick the fibers with a picker machine......this opens the fibers so we can add our own special blend of Anti-static products.The anti-static solutions allow the safe removal of the guard hairs without damaging the precious fibers while they are being worked on the machines.

Cabled Qiviut mitts

These mitts are just so soft and's like putting your hand into a cloud..............the cabled band is knit first then the sts along the edge are picked up to knit the main part of the mitt............pattern requires 66 grams of 100% qiviut 2 ply lace weight or our 2ply lace weight qiviut knit with two yarns together!

The Whispering Tundra Scarf

''The Whispering Tundra Scarf''

Knit from 100% pure qiviut 2 ply lace weight yarn.This is one of the first scarves i made and fell in love with the soft qiviut yarn.The simple design makes for easy knitting on the go.  Knit with a repeat lace stitch that's easy to remember.
       The beads are added to the hem strung in groups of 3 so they hang down over the edge and beads are added in a random fashion over the rest of the scarf again in groups of 3.

I have knit scarf twice. The very first time i knit with lace weight 2ply qiviut on a 5mm needle, follow the pattern below on 5mm's . The lace was very open and floaty
(i think i prefer it that way) the second time i knit it using 3.75mm gives a closer stitch that is more defined and firmer but requires 3 balls-66 grams or 480 yards.
If you want a floaty open lace then 5mm's is the way to go !

Supplies: 44 grams - 2 balls of lace weight qiviut-you can use our 'magical qiviut'' yarn or ANY of our 2ply lace weight blends. To see our yarns vistit our
 Has to be a 2ply lace weight though to get the same lacey effect !

1 pair of 5.00 mm straight needles.

Size 6 pony beads- 4gram bag.

To begin: cast on 37 sts. scarf will measure about 8'' inches wide.

Rows 1-4 Knit.

5Th Row: (rs):k1,*(k2tog)twice,(yf,k1) 3 times,yf,(sl1,k1,psso)twice,k1;rep from * to end.

6th Row:purl.

Repeat rows 5 and 6 a total of 3 times more.

Then rep all 12 rows until all your yarn is used up.
Leave a small amount for the Bind/cast off.
Sew in any loose ends. Apply beads as you like for your own personal touch!

ABBREVIATIONS: yf=yarn forward at front of needle.
(k2tog)Twice=knit the next 2 sts together twice.
(yf,k1)3 times=yarn forward at the front of needle(lay yarn over top of needle),then knit the next stitch.
(sl1,k1,psso)twice=slip the next st to opposite needle without knitting it,then knit the next st,then pass the lipped st over the stitch just worked,do this twice.

Look for more patterns and yarns