Friday, July 10, 2009

Qiviut yarns.....wonderful colours to colour your life!

Our new bright qiviut:Hunter green,Blue slate,Egytian Red(gorgeous),Purple,Raven Black,Bronze,Raspberry,Turkey Red,Bordeaux,Navy blue and Azalea.
All colours are GORGEOUS and BRIGHT.........with all the softness remaining!


  1. Oh, just lovely!

    How do they work for medium sized shawls?
    Will they have the softness and tension, like merino? How is the twist? Slack or lively, or in between?

    It is so difficult to image from a picture how quivit will behave when one have never tried it. What would you suggest for my first project, type of yarn I mean. A blend like the one with silk and a little quivit or this 50/50.
    100% has to wait till later.


  2. Hello Wiktoria,
    all our 2 ply yarns are closed twist and FULLY DEHAIRED so they are VERY Soft.The qiviut/merino has memory and great drape so shawls are beautiful. mostly i knit the 2 ply with 2 strands tog makes wonderful knitwear.I like to knit with 3.00mm, 3.5mm and 4.00mm needles. You can also knit with a single strand if knitting a lace shawl on a 3.5-4.00mm needle.

    The yarn you choose depends on your budget. The most Luxurious is the 100% qiviut but the qiviut merino blend is gorgeous too and costs less. Then we have the Arctic musk ox blend this is a great everyday knitting yarn for the price and the quality is very good sure you'll enjoy knitting with any of our yarns....have fun !