Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Socks and oddments of yarn

Small projects are a wonderful way to finish using all your ends of yarns hanging around the knitting basket or basket'ssss in my case. Hats, booties, mitts etc, using oddments can give a stripe effect due to the shade of each yarn. You can also hand dye the finished knitwear solid Black and you will never know that the yarns were from different batches. Use a good quality dye such as  I have ooodles of oddments and im sure i will never get through using them all up. (OOO' sounds like a giveaway) So far i have counted 5 baskets with ends, some weigh upto 400 grams each. They are way too special to put in the garbage after all they are 'Qiviut' and we put in a lot of hours and effort into making these wonderful yarns, i'm sure some savy knitter would get hours of pleasure out of  these yarns !
The socks above are knit with 50% qiviut/merino and the contrast is 100% buffalo/bison from oddments. Our 2 ply knit double makes for a heavier knitwear and the yardage is Excellent.
This is the contents from just one basket. A mix of 100% qiviut, 50% qiviut-merino, 50% angora-qiviut, 100% Buffalo, natural and dyed yarns. Weighs about 400 grams, mostly 2 ply's. The yarns are all from different batches as you can see there is quite a difference in the shades between batches and blends.

What would you knit with these oddments ?

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You will receive 1 pack of oddments upto 400 grams.

 look out for our next competition/giveaway.......a qiviut scarf kit !