Wednesday, November 30, 2011

qiviut-queen-superwash yarn December Yarn/competition Giveaway

                                         Qiviut-queen-superwash yarn above shown in natural.
                                                     And grape juice above here.
Love how this yarn feels, its soft and very spongy and has lots of memory. The yarn hugs the bamboo needles. So far i have knit socks, a hat and i'm working on a garter slip stitch scarf and have plans for a knitted throw made up of different pattern blocs cables and Texture sts etc. This yarn will be available in 20 ish Lush colors.

This is the little pair of sockettes knit from the yarn in rain forest colorway. Took only 45 grams.
.........And a hat in the same colorway........ i ♥ this color !

Garter Slip st scarf in Natural, Raspberry and Mahogany......scroll down page for pattern !

The Competition: 5 winners will be drawn at Random and each will win 1 - 100 gram skein of qiviut-queen-superwash yarn. (sorry no color choice) but we have these in handpainted and solid Jewel colors.

Tell us: what you love most about Qiviut Fibers and Yarns.
Open to all, end date 31-12-2011. Winners will be Drawn January 1st 2012

Textured scarf is knit widthways requires a 100 gram skein. Finished scarf measures 6'' X 72''
Really easy Garter slip stitch that makes for a lovely sturdy stich design that is very comfortable to wear.
The 1st and last 6 sts are always knit on every row to form the edges of the scarf

You will need: 100 grams of yarn either solid or differnt colors, 
US4 - 3.5mm straights or circular needle, 
2 stitch markers, 
wool needle.

The pattern:
Please note: scarf above is worked in 1 row in each color A,B and C throughout.
A=Natural, B= Mahogany, C= Raspberry
With 3.5mm - US4, cast on 401 sts and begin with 6 Foundation rows in Natural, then change to contrast color and begin pattern below.
Row 1: knit ( k6 place marker, knit across and place marker for last 6 sts to form the edge)
Row 2: knit
Row 3: k6-sm= slip marker, k1, * sl1 purlwise, k1; rep from * to marker, k last 6 sts.
Row 4: k6-sm,  k1, *yf sl 1 purlwise, yb, k1; rep from * to marker, k last 6  sts.
Rows 5 and 6: knit.
Row 7: k6-sm, :k2, *sl 1 purlwise, k1; rep from * to marker, k last 6 sts.
Row 8: k6-sm, k2, *yf, sl 1purlwise, yb, k1; rep from * to marker, k last 6 sts.
Repeat these 8 rows  for 5 full pattern repeats then knit all sts for 6 rows to form outer edge.

make 4:  I used the same 3 colors as in the scarf  by wrapping the yarn around palm of hand or closed fingers  20 turns, slipped it off my hand and put a length of yarn through the center and tied a secure knot in the top with enough length to sew the tassel to scarf, cut through bottom loops to open the tassel fringe, cut another length of yarn and secure around the middle of the tassel, trim with scissors then stitch to scarf. 

To see more colors of this yarn here's the Link:

November competition winners

The two winners drawn at random are: win the qiviut scarf and win the qiviut yarns.
Please contact us so we can ship you your goodies !

Chek out the next competition....... for our new qiviut-queen superwash yarns

Monday, October 31, 2011

100% Qiviut scarf competition/giveaway.

         Finished all my custom knit orders and even my Christmas knitting is done ! Finally got to cast on for this months competition. This time its a 100% qiviut scarf, easy lace stitch but the special bit is the WHITE Qiviut, yes white ! I have been lucky enough to get a small quantity of white qiviut and thought it would be nice to add some to this scarf . The picture above makes the qiviut look really white but its not that white, more creamish. we had to add 15% merino to the white qiviut as it was a bit short, we closed the twist but it should still have a lovely soft Halo after washing. 
Below is a picture of the Stroller outfit and baby Blanket i knit using white and natural qiviut.
The white and natural color look good together.

About the scarf: White qiviut scalloped edge changes to Natural colored qiviut, Knit width ways, you cast on 412 sts on 3.5mm-US4. Has an easy lace st design, should measure about 72'' long and 7'' wide after blocking......i hope !
The competition...... 31-10-2011 TO 28-11-2011.
This month we are giving 2 prizes: 1st the yarn in natural qiviut and some white qiviut to knit this scarf, (your saying, 'what scarf ', well i have to knit it but will add pics as i go along )  2nd the actual scarf so you can gift it (it's nearly christmas) or keep it for yourself !

To enter: Tell us what knitted item you Gift the most for others !
example, Mine happens to be Scarves !

yarn requirements: 50 grams of lace weight yarn and 15 grams of contrast lace yarn. Total yards about 480.
The pattern:
With contrast yarn and US4 - 3.5mm straights Cast on 433 sts.
Rows 1-4:  Knit.

Row 5: (rs) 1st and last 6 sts form the edges of scarf and should be knit on every row seperate with a st marker.  k1, * (k2tog) twice, (yf,k1) 3 times, yf, (sl1, psso) twice, k1,(place stitch marker here to seperate the pat rep's )

Row 6: purl.

Rep rows 5 and 6 - three more times, then rep all 12 rows to form the pattern as set.

Continue to work another 4 pattern repeats and the knit a further 4 rows in white qiviut or contrast yarn.

To bind/cast off knit with 2 strands of white/contrast yarn held together to give a nice sturdy secure edge to the scarf.

Got 2''inches done so far......only another 4'' inches to go......its quite slow, takes about 20 minutes for 1 row!
Well its getting there. Today is the 27th of November and the deadline is the 28th so i only have a couple of hours to finish and get it mailed off to the Lucky winner. It now measures 5'' inches, only 2'' to go, i will work on it this evening while watching 'House of eliott' and will post the final picture after blocking !
After blocking the scarf measures 7'' X 76'' and i'm really happy with the look of the scarf ! Its very soft, has a wonderful Halo.

The 2 winners drawn at random are:
Karen our scarf winner and Brendaknits our yarn winner.....Thanks to all who took part ! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Competition winner

Sorry for the delay i have been unwell.........
The winner drawn at random is : arctiknits !

Congrats, contact us for your prize.

Stay tuned for next competition 100% qiviut scarf kit !

Friday, September 2, 2011

Artist's Hand Mock Cabled socks


 These little Beauties are so soft and warm. Not sure if they will be Durable inside a shoe or boot but i dont plan on wearing them outside. I love Qiviut socks in fall and Winter for simply relaxing on the sofa while knitting to keep my feet Toasty warm or as bed socks...... when the storm is rageing outside qiviut socks give you the best nights sleep.

Qiviut truely is 'the wonder wool of the North'. It's softer than Cashmere, warmer than anyother yarn, durable if you take care, has a beautiful an investment in your wellbeing, looks good and looks even better with age, and is a God send for anyone who suffers from poor circulation.
Qiviut promotes Blood Flow due to the heating factor, warms joints and muscles so they relax. Anyone with poor circulation is in need of these socks, yes they are expensive but worth every dime as long as you take care of them !
They must be hand washed, cold water, lay flat to dry. In summer store the socks in a plastic tote to protect from moths (yes, like Humans Moth's ADORE Qiviut) these things and your socks will last for years !

The Yarn details :
Artists Hand is 90% Qiviut - 10% Silk. Qiviut is a very soft Silky fiber that takes dye very well....colors are vibrant and alive !  This yarn is now available in 50 gram skeins for smaller projects.....check it out here

The Competition details :
Tell us: Where is the place/country that has the most number of wild Muskoxen.
Competition is open to knitters world wide, runs from 2011-09-02 TO 2011-09-30
***Correct answers will enter and 1 name drawn at random***

Well i can say for a fact that these socks will NOT be durable but will be fine for bed/house socks when its really cold out.They have a wonderful halo and softness with a massive amount of warmth.
You will need:
1 set of 3.25mm and 2.75mm  D.P.N's
60 grams of 2 ply lace weight yarn such as Artists hand,
stitch marker,
wool needle.
 Tension: 6sts=1'' inch. 8 rows = 1''inch long on 3.25mm
With 3.25mm and 2 strands of yarn held together cast on 50sts, join to work in the rnd.
Work rib top , *k1, p1, k2, p1 rep from * back to start of rnd.
Rep this rnd for 8rnds.
Next: move sts so you have on N1: 17sts, N2: 15sts, N3: 18sts
mock cable work:
1: *k1tbl, p1, k2, p1. rep from * back to beg.
2: *k1,p1,k1,yo,k1,p1.
3: *k1, p1, k3, p1.
4: *k1, p1, k3, with tip of left needle, lift 3rd st on right needle over 1st two sts and drop off, p1, rep from * to beg.
Work 12 pattern repeats
Change to 2.75mm D.P.N's and simply knit all sts for 12 rnds.
                         Heel Flap:
 On N1 knit 13sts and slip the last 4 sts onto the beg of N2.
On N2, k1, sl1 across the 19sts and k1, sl1 for 4 sts from end of N3.
Turn work and p across row.
rep k1,sl1 and purl rows a total of 17 times.

More coming soon.....only 50% done!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

competition winner - qiviut lace gloves kit

And the winner is Lisa W, congrats.....please contact us so we can ship you your yarn & pattern  !

Check out the September competition 'artists hand' yarn to knit a pair of
 House/bed socks in Mock rib stitch !

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Qiviut lace gloves August competition

Luxurious 100% Qiviut fingerless gloves. These are my fav type of glove to knit, i love how easy this pattern is. The long cuff section is knit on 3.5mm straight needles and then the sts are transferd to 3.5mm D'P'N's to knit the thumb gusset, palm and putting your hand into a cloud. Shown in Natural qiviut color.

This months Giveaway.......Tell us what is your favorite type of knitting . Your answers should read as follows:
Example (this is what i like) 1: cables - (being most Loved)
                                              2: Lace
                                              3: fairisle
                                              4: Knit and purl patterns
                                              5: Rib stitch patterns - (Least Loved).....but i still like !
Winner will be chosen at Random and sent the pattern and 100% Qiviut yarn to knit these fingerless gloves.....Good luck !

Runs from 11-08-18 TO 11-08-31

Monday, August 15, 2011

competition winner- qiviut floral hat kit

The winner drawn at random is  RiaM......congrats, please contact us so we can send out your yarns.

Our next competition is for 100% Qiviut lace fingerless gloves......check it out within 24hrs.

2011-08-23:(still no response from winner) RiaM......please contact won the hat kit !

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Felted Qiviut Hat - Kit Competition giveaway

                                              Arctic Muskox Floral Hat
The hat and Blog Entry is still undercostruction and when complete will have more flowers, I-cord top with Pandora style Silver beads ! Will post more pic's as i go along.

WE were supposed to have this months competition as part of a promotion for our, 'Arctic Muskox Blend vest' but sadly its not working out. I can't find the pattern but plan to rework it so we will offer it at a later date in late August.....check back for that !

This is the hat complete !
COMPETITION: Tell us What TWO Colors you would like to knit this hat from the selection below. One winner will be drawn at Random. Starts today 2011-07-23 will be drawn the 15th August 2011.
Choose 1 color for the hat and 1 color for the Flowers. You win the pandora style beads, enough yarn to complete an Adult size hat and enough yarn to make the flowers.
 (Felting equipment and embellish knit are not include)
If you dont want to buy the embellish knit and felting items you can always knit the I-cords on D.P.N's and simply sew the flowers inplace as i have done in the past.
Colors: Hunter, slate Blue, Turky red, purple, raven black, mahogany, raspberry, egyptian red, bordeaux, navy blue and wild rose. (wild rose replaces the yarn on the end)      

Onto the Felted hat Kit....... And Oh do i love it ! This ones knit with 2 strands held together of our 3 ply Arctic muskox blend in Raven Black and Wild Rose. The flowers are needle felted to the hat and this makes the hat so much sturdier and thicker and will be really Warm when Winter is Blasting !

I first knit this hat a few years ago from 100% Angora yarn and my daughter and her friends at school wore it out! Even the boys were having a turn of it ! Kyanna, my daughter said, ''its just too soft and warm everyone wants to wear it''.
The Hat is knit first, in the rnd on 4.5mm- 7US circular needle, has a lovely rolled edge. Most of it is knitted in Easy stocking stitch with only a few rows knitted in purl st to make two ridge sections that the flowers are added between. The flowers are I-Cords and the main flower on the top of hat is knit in a really easy petal form then attached or felted to hat. The hat has Easy top shaping so it fits snugly on the head. Fits the average person, has strectch upto 24'' inches. If you want to make this hat for a child simply use a 3.5 to 3.75mm needle size following the instructions as set.
***Pattern Instructions below***

Felting and the Embellish knit. I just adore the Embellish knit......OMG its so fast to make I-Cords......yards and yards in minutes ! Will be using this little treasure a lot more ! Bought this on think it cost about $25.00 with shipping. In the picture above you can also see the felting mat and felting needle tool both by Cant remember where i bought those as i have had them 3 years and this is the 1st time i'm using them......should be able to get these on ebay too !
 Heres the Link to bond america:

This is how the inside looks when properly felted......all the fibers are mangled together nicely!

The Pattern instructions:
Tension: 5sts= 1'' inch 7 rows = 1''inch square on 4.5mm- 7us.
                                           The Hat:
Requires about 100 grams total.
With 4.5mm Cast on 88sts, holding 2 strands of yarn together. Join to work in rnd, place marker and knit until work measures 2.5'' inches long.
Next: purl all sts for 4 rnds. Then, knit all sts until work measures 4.5'' inches deep from beg edge.
Next: purl all sts for 4 rnds.
Next: knit 2 rnds and then begin top shaping.
Top Shaping:
1: *k2tog, k6, rep from* to end.
2: and all alternate rnds, k without shaping.
3: *k2tog, k5, rep from *as before
5: *k2tog, k4, rep from* to end.
7: *k2tog, k3, rep from * to end.
9: *k2tog, k2, rep from * to end.
11: *k2tog, k1, rep from * to end.
Next rnd, k2tog all round, break yarn leaving a 10cm tail and draw through rem sts. sew top closed.

Daisy cords : make 4. With 2 strands of yarn together and 4.5mm D.P.N's cast on 4 sts,
K the 4 sts, then slide the work back to beg of needle pulling the yarn from behind and knit. Continue until the cord measures 11'' inches long. Break yarn leaving a tail and draw through live sts to secure. Bend 1'' inch of the end of cord like so to form a petal. Each daisy has 5 petals.

SEW through the centre of cord (place only 1 stitch so you can pull out if your not happy with the look of the flower)  secure and then make another loop next to this one sewing the loops inplace as you go until you have 5 loops per takes a few attempts to get the feel for it and have all your petals quite equal in size.
 Sew through the centre of flower and sew inplace on the hat. If not felting then you will put a couple of sts through each petal so the flower lays flat.

Flower for top of hat:With 3.5mm needles and a single strand of yarn, cast on 2 sts.
Inc 1 sts at the beg of each row until you have 11 sts.
Break yarn leaving stiches inplace on the needle, simply slide the work to end of needle. On the empty needle cast on again as before rep the procedure until you have all 5 points on the same needle.
Next: knit across all 5 points, knit 2 rows.
next: k2tog across, k1.
next: k2tog across row.
next: k2tog across - 7sts rem, pass 6sts (1 at a time over 1st stitch), fasten off.
Needle Felt or sew the flower inplace as shown below.

           I-Cord Top:
As before for daisy, cast on 4 sts and make an I-Cord 18'' inches long. Attach to top and center of flower,add beads on ends and tie a knot in end of cord to prevent bead from falling off.

K=Knit, rnd(s)= round, sts= stitches, beg= begining, D.P.N.= double pointed needles, K2tog= knit next 2 sts together to make 1 stitch=a decrease, rem=remain,

Winter Cherry and Raven Black
This is a hat that i managed to knit and finish in one day......Thanks to the embelish knit gadget and clover felting pad and needles. These hats are really easy to knit and the felting and I-Cords add Fun

And another....just can't stop knitting these hats......i love the natural gray soft-spun Angora with navy blue

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hand painted Arctic muskox blend in Violet & Raven Black

The cross over cardi is well underway.
Knitting this one on 3.5mm straights but now i wished i was on the Addi circs, too late now i dont want to start over. I think this ones going to be without sleeves so i can wear it over a T.
The pattern is 'Old shale stitch' or 'Victorian lace stitch'.....real easy and the results are instant !
The color is Handpainted Violet and Raven Black, knit with a 3 ply so its nice and fast, has little shaping to it and will have the Right front crossing over the left , will fasten with a hand knit rose pin applied to broach hardware. I'm knitting this in XL so its nice and roomy. To knit this in any other size simply use a larger or smaller needle. Not sure how much yarn it will take but i have 800 grams left in this same color lot.....could possibly be our next giveaway !

   Used a total of 280 grams. You will find this yarn at the following link.  This is size XL measures: Back- 20'' wide and 24'' inches long from back neck to bottom hem. Right front 14.5'' inches wide. Left front 11'' wide including front bands.
tension 7sts= 1'' inch. 8 rows=1'' inch on 3.5mm.
The neck, arm and front bands are knit on 3.00mm's

The flower broach is knit with 100% Qiviut in raven black.
Will add the pattern and competition details soon !

18-07-2011: I have searched every place i can think of for the pattern draft and can't find it anywhere so i will have to think of another vest for the giveaway......please check back here in a few days as i have an idea for a vest knit from this same yarn & possibly the same colorway !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

competition winners- socks and oddments

Two winners drawn at ramdon are: 'Nancy G' and 'Jazz N Java'.......congrats you ladies please contact us with your details so we can mail your oddments package onto you !

Canada post is out on strike. Your yarns will ship the moment they are back at work. The Canada Gouvernment is working hard at trying to get them back working but who knows when that will be.

Thank you to all who took part......look for the next chance to win coming soon !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

competition winner

The winner of the Arctic waves shawl kit is Suzie, with her entry 'Arctic Indigo'.
Thanks to all who took part.....check back for the next competiton coming soon !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arctic Waves shawlette kit

'Arctic Waves Shawl'
''Arctic waves'' first started out as a scarf, but i found i couldnt stop knitting. The pattern is so Easy and relaxing, even if you think you cant do lace....if you can do a YO, you can do this !
The kit will contain the instructions pattern and 50 Grams of ''shade's of The Tundra'' yarn. The yarn is 60% Qiviut - 20% Milk - 20% Bamboo.
So far the shawl above has 20 repeats X 3'' inches each rep so measures 60'' inches across and 17'' inches deep.Knitted on 4.00mm circular needle. I will continue building/knitting until all the yarn is used up.
 will take the final picture of the completed shawl for the next giveaway/competiton around the 15th June.
To win the Kit you will be asked to submit a color name for the hand painted yarn above: the yarn consists of Berry blue, navy Blue and raven black......all very subtle when blended together..... totally luscious and soft. 
Please note the fibre content change: We decided to make a test batch of this yarn and we replaced the silk with Milk fibre and we like the results !  

The shawlette is long enough infront that you can tie it leaving the ends to drape. It's so light and airy you forget you have it on.....would be easy to loose. A broach would be perfect !

And the winner is 'Suzie'. Suzie please contact us with your details so we can ship you your Arctic waves Kit.....congrats !

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Socks and oddments of yarn

Small projects are a wonderful way to finish using all your ends of yarns hanging around the knitting basket or basket'ssss in my case. Hats, booties, mitts etc, using oddments can give a stripe effect due to the shade of each yarn. You can also hand dye the finished knitwear solid Black and you will never know that the yarns were from different batches. Use a good quality dye such as  I have ooodles of oddments and im sure i will never get through using them all up. (OOO' sounds like a giveaway) So far i have counted 5 baskets with ends, some weigh upto 400 grams each. They are way too special to put in the garbage after all they are 'Qiviut' and we put in a lot of hours and effort into making these wonderful yarns, i'm sure some savy knitter would get hours of pleasure out of  these yarns !
The socks above are knit with 50% qiviut/merino and the contrast is 100% buffalo/bison from oddments. Our 2 ply knit double makes for a heavier knitwear and the yardage is Excellent.
This is the contents from just one basket. A mix of 100% qiviut, 50% qiviut-merino, 50% angora-qiviut, 100% Buffalo, natural and dyed yarns. Weighs about 400 grams, mostly 2 ply's. The yarns are all from different batches as you can see there is quite a difference in the shades between batches and blends.

What would you knit with these oddments ?

'' For followers of this blog only'' 

Followers of our blog, tell us what you would knit and we will randomly pick 2 winners .
You will receive 1 pack of oddments upto 400 grams.

 look out for our next competition/giveaway.......a qiviut scarf kit !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knitting Yarns

Has been brought to our attention that not everyone can see and load our site due to the high graphics..... you need highspeed ! We will list our yarns here for all to see. To purchase any yarns just send us an email at:  We will contact you via email and bill you with paypal.

I will number the yarns so its easier for knitters to order !
***The average shipping cost per package is $9.00 to $12.00.
*** please note, yarns are in either skeins or balls....depends what we have in stock at the time of ordering

 Yarn number 1 :
Yarn number 1:
100% qiviut, available in a 2 ply lace, 22 gram skein - 160 yards or 3 ply as shown, 22 gram skein 100 yards. Color shown Navy, is also available in : Natural, cranberry red, strawberry red, Hunter green, Bright Bordeaux, Purple, Raven Black. $39.50 each.

Yarn Number 2:
100% Buffalo/Bison yarn. 2 or 3 ply, in natural chocolate brown as shown or raven black, navy blue.
 2 ply: 22 grams - 155 yards. $22.00 each
3 ply: 22 grams - 90 to100 yrds. $22.00 each
We also have this same yarn in a big 100 gram skein $90.00 each.

Yarn Number  3:
50% qiviut-50% merino. colors left to right: Hunter, blue slate, turkey red, purple, raven black, magogany, raspberry sorbet, egyptian red, bordeaux, navy blue, (the color on the end is no longer available)
22 gram skein - 160 yards, 2 ply lace, $15.00 each.

The same yarn above is also available in 50% Angora- 50% qiviut, $17.50 each.*** Please note colors are not exactly as shown as the different blends produce slightly different colors*** 

Soft Spun Angora is Back !
We first made this yarn in 2004. Due to our work load with the pure qiviut we had to give it a miss for a few years. Its back for good and will replace our 100% Angora until fall 2011. This easy knit yarn contains  80% Angora - 20% merino. 3 ply, like a sport weight, 50 gram skeins, 232 yards. 3.75 - 4.5mm needles ( for lacey projects use a 6 or 7.00 mm) Colors: (left to right) Raven Black, Turkey red, Bijoux Blue, Raspberry, Lavender, Wild rose. $15.00 each. More colours coming soon !  To see a Gorgeous sweater knit in this yarn check out this link:

We will upload more yarns soon ! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Competition: win this smokering

Whatever you call it.....smokering, hood, snood.....its a very versatile garment that not only keeps you warm but adds a bit of glam ! You can wear it up over the head or pulled down around the neck like a scarf. Has an allover delicate lace design
We need a colour name for this yarn. The yarn is a new blend of 60% Qiviut-20% silk- 20% Bamboo. Lace weight 2 ply.
 Hand-painted in Egyptian red and Bright Bordeaux. The Silk and bamboo really make the colors Flash .....the qiviut adds wonderful softness and warmth.

The competition is open to everyone world wide.
To enter leave your color name suggestions in the comment section and we will choose our favorite name.
Name can be relevant to the actual colors you see in the yarn, flowers from Nature, names related to musk ox, qiviut, the Tundra etc !
Competition runs until 20 Th May 2011.
Best of Luck !

                                              Win this smoke ring
The winner of the smokering is 'Tamara'.....we thought the name ''Tundra Bearberry'' very fitting for this colorway. Congrats Tamara, please contact us by email with your mailing address !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April competition winner..........

Winner drawn at random was '' Jennifer''...........please contact us at so we can ship you your yarns !

Thanks to all who took part !

Our next competition is a ''Name it'' competition. We have a new hand knit smokering design we are working on and need help with the sure to enter ! Details wil be posted soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

qiviut sweaters

Just finished yet another 100% qiviut sweater....this one is sold and now on its way to its new home in Vancouver. I decided to knit this one with rolled edges to get that beautiful qiviut drape going. All edges are double cast off so there's no chance of stitches unraveling. Knit in fine 2 ply its just so yummy and soft as a cloud with that distinctive qiviut halo ! Qiviut is 8 times warmer than sheep wool and is so light and airy the knitwear is very comfortable to wear next to the skin. Available in Adult Sizes: small- $600.00, M-$640.00, L- $680.00, XL-$700.00, XXL-$740.00, XXXL- $770.00+ xpress shipping. Unisex design.

 The ladies sweater (not shown) comes with ( at no extra charge) a lace neck scarf attached to the sweater by way of knitted belt loops. I will post a picture of this when i get around to knitting it in a few days or so. The scarf drapes beautifully and there's no chance of loosing the scarf as it fits snugly through the belt loops. To order a sweater or a custom knit design please contact me at for more information.

The 2nd sweater I'm working on above is knit with 80% Qiviut-20% super white merino. Knit with 3 strands together = 6 ply on 5.00mm circular needle. I knit the bottom 3'' inches on a 4mm to make the edge stitches firm. Its very Thick and I'm sure it will be very warm. This design is an irregular rib and i think its just what this heavy sweater needs......the rib construction and the merino content will help it keep its shape and drape !
Not sure how much yarn this sucker will take....i dare not count.  I have balled  352 grams, the back and front so far measures 8'' and i need to go to at least 15'' inches up to the armholes. This baby is already sold and when finished will be on its way to Idaho. The customer bought this to keep him warm while riding his horse.

Will post more as the sweater progresses so check back Jim to see your sweater come to life !
So far so good......divided St's for back and front and I'm very happy with the yardage its better than i thought ! The sleeves are set in style and I'm DEC the St's at both ends for the arm hole shaping. The rose wood needles are very smooth (though not as smooth as the Addi turbos
 i knit English style so the knitting is Flying now.....cant wait for it to be done so i can stand back and look at my work, this sweater is gorgeous and I'm sure i will be making many more of this design !

Voila.....complete except for i want to add a hood. I think the hood should be knit in regular plain stitch as this will highlight the overall design of this sweater. One of the great things about an overall rib design is that it really holds its shape well, has gorgeous drape and elasticity to every inch. The sweater looks small but it magically grows on you the moment you get it on ! The rib design feels so comfortable to wear and makes a person look taller and slimmer. Will post the final picture after i add the hood later today.....wish this was mine, Winter is back. Were having Snow and wind again today 'soooo lucky i don't have to travel to work'

So we can say .......its complete. This sweater is sold and now on its way to Jim. To buy this sweater design contact me at the email address above with your size and color choice. Price $1,800.00

HOOD FAIL.........well i tried 3 different hood styles and didn't like any of them on this sweater and i suddenly realised why ? The hood should be all one with the sweater......a continuation of the neck line. For sure next time i knit this i  will suggest to the customer that we add a hood.

The Hat That was A Hood.......all is not lost. I had this rectangle left over.
10'' X 20'' so i turned it into a thick warm hat for hubby.
I stitched closed the seam along the short edge and turned up the brim section sewing it closed and along the length ways edge i gathered the top section on 4 strands of yarn so it would be strong enough to hold up to whatever he puts it through !
 The stitch pattern is: 5mm needles cast on 66 sts * k3, p3, k1, p2, k2, p3, k4, p4, rep from * to end. Row 2: k the k sts and p the p sts.
  30 minutes after this picture was taken he calls me from his Pied (foot) Dr's office and says ''er can i sell this hat''......the Doc wants it.......lets just say I'm not making another hat for him....the butcher might ask for the next one !