Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arctic Waves shawlette kit

'Arctic Waves Shawl'
''Arctic waves'' first started out as a scarf, but i found i couldnt stop knitting. The pattern is so Easy and relaxing, even if you think you cant do lace....if you can do a YO, you can do this !
The kit will contain the instructions pattern and 50 Grams of ''shade's of The Tundra'' yarn. The yarn is 60% Qiviut - 20% Milk - 20% Bamboo.
So far the shawl above has 20 repeats X 3'' inches each rep so measures 60'' inches across and 17'' inches deep.Knitted on 4.00mm circular needle. I will continue building/knitting until all the yarn is used up.
 will take the final picture of the completed shawl for the next giveaway/competiton around the 15th June.
To win the Kit you will be asked to submit a color name for the hand painted yarn above: the yarn consists of Berry blue, navy Blue and raven black......all very subtle when blended together..... totally luscious and soft. 
Please note the fibre content change: We decided to make a test batch of this yarn and we replaced the silk with Milk fibre and we like the results !  

The shawlette is long enough infront that you can tie it leaving the ends to drape. It's so light and airy you forget you have it on.....would be easy to loose. A broach would be perfect !

And the winner is 'Suzie'. Suzie please contact us with your details so we can ship you your Arctic waves Kit.....congrats !


  1. So beautiful.

    Everlasting Midnight Blue

  2. .... love it!

    Juicy Blue Nightshade

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

    Arctic Indigo

  4. ... Tundra Lake

    its the same beautiful deep blue...

  5. That luscious blue color immediately reminded me of picking wild blueberries. So my suggestion for the yarn color is "Wild Blueberry". Because of the wedge-shaped design of the shawl, I'd call the shawl kit, "Wild Blueberry Pie".

  6. My name suggestion is Deepwater Arctic Blue. It's a lovely shade!

  7. My doorbell just rang and it was the mailman: my strawberry red qiviut! It is GORGEOUS! I am SO excited to go play with this, you do such beautiful work!

  8. I seem to be having a hard time leaving a comment for this gorgeous color....Arctic Cobalt.

  9. I meant Alaskan...not Alaksan. Whoops!

  10. Lovely Shawl - I suggest Sky Water

  11. Blueberry Twilight Delight

    Beautiful shade and shawl.