Just some of the sweaters i'm knitting........muskox/Qiviut yarn.

French ribbed sweater in Arctic Red. 100% Pure qiviut, knit in heavier worsted weight yarn. $2,200.00. Also available in Arctic blue, Purple, Raven black etc.

100% qiviut ribbed mens sweater. Shown in natural grey qiviut color.

little lacey cardi, knit from top down with allover lace. Knit from qiviut-queen-superwash merino 4ply wool yarn in bijoux blue.

Cardigan knit from Arctic muskox blend 3ply qiviut in victorian lace stitch. This cardi is very comfortable to wear all day long. Can also be knit from 100% Qiviut.


  1. I'm looking for just the right pattern to knit a qiviut sweater for a project next winter. I would like a cardigan without too much lacework, I want it to look classic, not a grandma sweater, and something I could potentially wear everyday if I want. I have a couple of patterns, I just haven't found the one that says, "It's me!" Any advice is appreciated.

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