Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Qiviut-silk hand warmers

I wanted to remake these for the longest time. Several years ago i made a pair of long hand warmers from 100% Angora and they were really well received so i thought i would re-write a pattern for them made from qivisilk.It's very nice to work with.....soft and slippy.Again,i am knitting them with 2 strands of qivisilk together......makes for quicker knitting. I started them on 4 D.P.N but changed to 3 needles to make the pattern go easier.I am still knitting the wrist section and i want to make them quite long.....maybe almost elbow length and i still haven't decided if i should make them all over lace right down to the fingers....you know....across the palms too! Or should i stop the lace at the section just before the thumb insert?

100% Qiviut cabled sweater- sweater construction-part 1:

Today i just had to start a new Cardi,this one will be a roomy XL size. Knit from 100% Natural qiviut. I'm writing the pattern as i go along for 6 sizes. The yarns are from 3 different batches of Qiviut-there's only a slight variation from batch to batch but never the less...the variation is there so i'm trying to work out what will go where.....its an awful lot of work to rip out if i get it wrong !The rib is a 2x2 & is knit on 3.00mm's for 2.5'' inches, changed to 4.00mm for the body. All the back section is knit in plain stocking stitch....all the business will be in the front with cables and lacey bits & 3 buttons to close. I'm having musk ox horns deliverd soon so they can be sent off to an artist who can make buttons (i want to keep the qiviut theme True so the buttons should be made from real Musk ox horn)....your probably thinking how the heck can she get musk ox horns ? Well i buy them from the Inuit. Musk oxen are food for them people(there's no Walmart where they live ! I really wanted to knit this cardi in Raven Black but because i have to work in the mill or studio during the day i can only hand knit in the evening......knitting black in the evening is not good for my eyes so i settled on making the sweater in natural qiviut & then i will dye the completed sweater....if i have the nerve...... after all that work ! Can't wait to start the fronts.....stocking st is soooooo Boring.
And the back is finished....... I like this pic better as it shows the true color of qiviut

cabled Qiviut socks-take 2

So,i have the 1st sock complete and have started the second sock on the straight needles.Still haven't got the pattern into the computer but i will get to that later today.The yarn is soft soft.These will be perfect house socks and i'm not giving them away or selling them.......it's time i kept something for me!

The cable design is knit on 4.5mm straights and then all the sts are transfer to 3.75mm D.P.N

The seam is on the inside leg so no ugly uneven sts are ever seen.The toe is finished in kitchener stitch and again it's perfect.When i come to write and sell the pattern for these....i'm guessing it will be 10 pages long......oooee that will be quite costly to mail or i may just make it an email pattern. So far it looks like it will take 3-4, 22 gram skeins to complete because i'm using lace weight qiviut and knitting with 2 strands together.I will get my daughter to model the socks when they are finished and try to get a better shot of the actual cabled sts.

I think the 1st picture taken outside shows up the cabled sts better!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

100% Qiviut House socks

And they are finished,i even finished the toe in kitchener stitch (for the 1st time ever)..........i was a right pussy when it came to knitting socks.......absolutely terrified at the thought of sock knitting.The toe is just so tidy and smooth.......i think i'm in love with sock knitting all over again.My next project will be a 50% qiviut with 50%angora.This time i will do a fancy cabled border for the rib of the socks and make it longer and more luxurious............where's my needles.