Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cabled Qiviut socks-take 2

So,i have the 1st sock complete and have started the second sock on the straight needles.Still haven't got the pattern into the computer but i will get to that later today.The yarn is soft soft.These will be perfect house socks and i'm not giving them away or selling them.......it's time i kept something for me!

The cable design is knit on 4.5mm straights and then all the sts are transfer to 3.75mm D.P.N

The seam is on the inside leg so no ugly uneven sts are ever seen.The toe is finished in kitchener stitch and again it's perfect.When i come to write and sell the pattern for these....i'm guessing it will be 10 pages long......oooee that will be quite costly to mail or i may just make it an email pattern. So far it looks like it will take 3-4, 22 gram skeins to complete because i'm using lace weight qiviut and knitting with 2 strands together.I will get my daughter to model the socks when they are finished and try to get a better shot of the actual cabled sts.

I think the 1st picture taken outside shows up the cabled sts better!

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