Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Qiviut-silk hand warmers

I wanted to remake these for the longest time. Several years ago i made a pair of long hand warmers from 100% Angora and they were really well received so i thought i would re-write a pattern for them made from qivisilk.It's very nice to work with.....soft and slippy.Again,i am knitting them with 2 strands of qivisilk together......makes for quicker knitting. I started them on 4 D.P.N but changed to 3 needles to make the pattern go easier.I am still knitting the wrist section and i want to make them quite long.....maybe almost elbow length and i still haven't decided if i should make them all over lace right down to the fingers....you know....across the palms too! Or should i stop the lace at the section just before the thumb insert?

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