Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mill ends giveaway for April 2016

Just a quick entry for this month as I'm rushing around with lambing chores & getting lots of fibre & yarns ready for the Toronto Knitters Frolic on the 30th April ......Yikes its soon !

This is a lovely little lot of mill ends, all 100% Qiviut & mostly 2 ply lace weight. 

Weighs 97 grams with about 700 yards & all in their Natural state.

To enter simply tell me what you would knit with this little lot. Please include the name of the pattern & the name of the designer so if others want to knit the pattern they can easily find it online......thank you & best of Luck to you all !

Runs from April 3rd TO April 30th 2016

Winner will be announced when i return from the Toronto show (about the 2nd May) 

***Ruanna Update*** last months winner was Teri with her entry of ''Highland Tundra'
The blog post in May will contain updates of the Ruanna (knitting may even be finished) so far i have two front panels half way done. and have changed my mind about the pockets being knit from Highland Tundra, i will knit the pockets in the Shetland Tundra yarn & use the Highland Tundra for the collar......more luxurious I'm thinking !