Wednesday, May 4, 2016

100% Qiviut smokering giveaway for May 2016

100% Qiviut Smokering

We don't seem to be getting any sunny days. Spring is still cold & damp here.

Most days I'm still wearing a qiviut smokering to beat the chill. So soft & warm you forget your wearing it !

This month i decided to give one of you Lucky crafty people a chance to own one of my qiviut smokerings.
Retail value $195.00 Canadian
This one is knit from my light worsted weight 3 ply, shown in the Natural colour. You can choose the natural or one of these lovely shades:
 Please note: the yarn shades above are our Qiviut/Angora rabbit blend yarns. This yarns base colour is lighter than 100% Qiviut so the colour of the smokering will be darker !
LEFT TO RIGHT: Hunter, light blue, Arctic red, Purple, Raven Black, Mahogany, Arctic rose, Egyptian Red, Bordeaux Navy blue & Azalea.

To enter tell me in the comments section what colour you would prefer to receive ?
One winner drawn at random,
Runs from 4th MAY TO 31st MAY 2016

Good Luck to you all !

The winner of the Emsket smokering from the Shetland wool blog entry March was Karen

Emsket smokering knit from Shetland Tundra yarn !

The winner of the Mill ends from last months giveaway was  Chanda.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mill ends giveaway for April 2016

Just a quick entry for this month as I'm rushing around with lambing chores & getting lots of fibre & yarns ready for the Toronto Knitters Frolic on the 30th April ......Yikes its soon !

This is a lovely little lot of mill ends, all 100% Qiviut & mostly 2 ply lace weight. 

Weighs 97 grams with about 700 yards & all in their Natural state.

To enter simply tell me what you would knit with this little lot. Please include the name of the pattern & the name of the designer so if others want to knit the pattern they can easily find it online......thank you & best of Luck to you all !

Runs from April 3rd TO April 30th 2016

Winner will be announced when i return from the Toronto show (about the 2nd May) 

***Ruanna Update*** last months winner was Teri with her entry of ''Highland Tundra'
The blog post in May will contain updates of the Ruanna (knitting may even be finished) so far i have two front panels half way done. and have changed my mind about the pockets being knit from Highland Tundra, i will knit the pockets in the Shetland Tundra yarn & use the Highland Tundra for the collar......more luxurious I'm thinking !

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cabled Ruana-Giveaway for February & March 2016

Celtic Cabled Ruana....

2016 is going to be all about me promoting my Shetland products that contain Qiviut wool in the blend. In doing so, i have decided to refrain from hand knitting custom orders until the Autumn. This will give me more time to work on the crafty things I love Shetland sheep, Qiviut & Angora rabbits & cable knitting. 

                 In September of last year we removed ALL SUPERWASH from our qiviut yarn blends due to it being Bad for the environment & replaced it with our own Organic Shetland Lambs wool!

What is a Ruana....It's a large flowing rectangular garment with a long back section & two fronts, knit in one piece with sides wide enough to give a good drape inplace of sleeves. In my opinion they are very stylish.

If your not sure what a Ruana is, here's one. THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN. I found this on Google images & thought i would borrow it to demonstrate.The shape on this one is so lovely, i like how the shoulders fall away. We could easily add a belt. And see how the fringe gives the impression that the garment has more length to it.The pockets are awesome too !

For this giveaway you need to do 2 things: 

1:In comments section tell me what colour you would prefer to knit your Ruana.

 2: Name our blend of 50% Qiviut-50% Organic Shetland wool yarn.
Colours from Top: White, Grey, Black, Moorit & Fawn 

Natural white(has a grey tinge to it due to the qiviut can't been seen in picture),

All these colours are totally natural & contain 85% Organic Shetland Lambs wool & 15% Qiviut down spun into our worsted weight Shetland Tundra blend.

The Ruana i knit will be all my own design, Will add the pattern to a future post, most likely in late February when i get it all worked out.
I plan on adding cables, Moss stitch, knitting on larger needles to allow the knitted fabric to drape properly. Another must is to cast on the two fronts at the same time, add pockets knit from our 50% Qiviut/Shetland blend yarn, i think it will just add that little bit of something special to the garment !

In comments section find name for the qiviut/Shetland blend yarn, What colour you would choose for your Ruana !
Only 1 entry per person
Runs from January 27th TO March the 25th 2016
1 winner drawn at random-prize is: enough Shetland Tundra yarn to knit your Ruana & enough 50%-Qiviut/Shetland blend to knit the pockets. Yarns will be mailed out to the winner once i know how much yardage will be required to knit the cabled garment !

I look forward to reading your entry' of Luck to you All ! 

Sorry for the delay announcing the winner but we had a really hard time deciding on the name & had to wait until i got a few family members together, in the end it went to a vote & the winner was '' Highland Tundra' congratulations to Terri, well done !