Sunday, August 4, 2013

August giveaway, more mill ends & another Smokering pattern

The Chevron Smokering

Last months post was about smokerings and again this month. The smokerings i knit last month are now in daughter Kyanna went to visit friends for 2 weeks and needed a few gifts to take along....the friends father got qiviut socks, the mother received my best smokering and johanna a lovely Bordeaux lace smokering which is why i'm knitting more smokerings again this month. 
They are the perfect gift.
August is the month that i start my Christmas knitting.
When do you start ?

I love how the wavy edge looks in this Tundra Green I want to do this one a little different from the 2 smokerings i knit last month. As you can see its almost finished. Imagine the cast on edge(wavy end) as the part that frames your face and the end on the needles is going to have eyelets to thread an I-cord through and attached to the ends of the I-cord  lovely fuzzy Pom-pon's ....all from 1 skein of qiviut-queen-merino yarn
This pattern will look stunning knit from mill ends. Mill ends in similar natural shades.

Here is the little basket of mill ends for this month. 212 grams total.. I hope the Lucky winner will get 2 smokerings out of it, one for you and one for a friend.
The two lighter coloured yarns could go to make the pom-pons, the darker shade of pure qiviut could be the cast on edge(the edge that frames the face)-very soft against the skin, with the medium tones as the garter ridges.....or maybe you have other ideas !
 I will wash the yarns so they are all soft and relaxed and ready to knit when you take them out of the bag.

Pattern notes:

This stitch style pulls in the work and combined with my naturally loose knitting gauge you may need to knit with a larger size needle to get the drape required. I used a 5mm-US size 8, you may need a 6mm- Us size 9.

You will need:
5 or 6mm circular needle.
2 D.P.N's needles.
Wool needle
pompom maker.

Cast on 110 sts follow the directions below.
RNDS 1-3-5 purl.
RNDS 2-4 knit.
RND 6: *k2tog,  k2, kmit into front and back of each of next 2 sts, k3, sl1, k1, psso, rep from * to end.
RND 7: Purl.
Rep last 2 rnds twice more. Work 6th rnd again. Then begin at rnd 1 again, rep all until 9 full patterns are complete.
Next knit 2 rnds then make eyelets to thread I-cord through.
Eyelet rnd: *k5, yo, k2tog, rep from * to beg.
Knit another 2 rnds then cast off all sts.

I-Cord.  with 4mm-us size 6 DPN's, cast on 3sts leaving a 8'' inch tail.
 knit 3sts (do not turn work) simply slide the 3 sts to the opposite end of the needle bringing the yarn from behind, putting extra tension on the yarn and knitting the 3sts again. soon the cord will be 24'' inches long. Break yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew pompom to the end and gather up the 3 sts to finish I-cord.

Pompoms. I used a 2'' inch pompom maker and leftover sock yarn in natural color.
Thread the I-cord in-n-out the eyelets then attach pompoms and your done.
Gently wash and block.

To enter August Giveaway tell us in the comments section  

When do you start your Christmas knitting ?

Winner will be drawn at Random,

Open to knitters of Luck !

From: August 4th To August 31st

Qiviut-Queen yarn contains- 10% qiviut-10%silk-10%cashmere-70% merino.

With only 10% qiviut in the yarn you can really feel the difference in softness. This is a lovely everyday yarn that makes wonderful socks, hats mittens, gloves, sweaters and shawls. 

Qiviut-Queen-yarn has a new price. NOW $26.00 PER SKEIN.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Yarn winners

And the winners drawn at Random are:

Fleurje Eliza  - sky & Bijoux

and  Vanessa - Natural

please contact me so i can mail off your yarn.