Saturday, July 23, 2011

Felted Qiviut Hat - Kit Competition giveaway

                                              Arctic Muskox Floral Hat
The hat and Blog Entry is still undercostruction and when complete will have more flowers, I-cord top with Pandora style Silver beads ! Will post more pic's as i go along.

WE were supposed to have this months competition as part of a promotion for our, 'Arctic Muskox Blend vest' but sadly its not working out. I can't find the pattern but plan to rework it so we will offer it at a later date in late August.....check back for that !

This is the hat complete !
COMPETITION: Tell us What TWO Colors you would like to knit this hat from the selection below. One winner will be drawn at Random. Starts today 2011-07-23 will be drawn the 15th August 2011.
Choose 1 color for the hat and 1 color for the Flowers. You win the pandora style beads, enough yarn to complete an Adult size hat and enough yarn to make the flowers.
 (Felting equipment and embellish knit are not include)
If you dont want to buy the embellish knit and felting items you can always knit the I-cords on D.P.N's and simply sew the flowers inplace as i have done in the past.
Colors: Hunter, slate Blue, Turky red, purple, raven black, mahogany, raspberry, egyptian red, bordeaux, navy blue and wild rose. (wild rose replaces the yarn on the end)      

Onto the Felted hat Kit....... And Oh do i love it ! This ones knit with 2 strands held together of our 3 ply Arctic muskox blend in Raven Black and Wild Rose. The flowers are needle felted to the hat and this makes the hat so much sturdier and thicker and will be really Warm when Winter is Blasting !

I first knit this hat a few years ago from 100% Angora yarn and my daughter and her friends at school wore it out! Even the boys were having a turn of it ! Kyanna, my daughter said, ''its just too soft and warm everyone wants to wear it''.
The Hat is knit first, in the rnd on 4.5mm- 7US circular needle, has a lovely rolled edge. Most of it is knitted in Easy stocking stitch with only a few rows knitted in purl st to make two ridge sections that the flowers are added between. The flowers are I-Cords and the main flower on the top of hat is knit in a really easy petal form then attached or felted to hat. The hat has Easy top shaping so it fits snugly on the head. Fits the average person, has strectch upto 24'' inches. If you want to make this hat for a child simply use a 3.5 to 3.75mm needle size following the instructions as set.
***Pattern Instructions below***

Felting and the Embellish knit. I just adore the Embellish knit......OMG its so fast to make I-Cords......yards and yards in minutes ! Will be using this little treasure a lot more ! Bought this on think it cost about $25.00 with shipping. In the picture above you can also see the felting mat and felting needle tool both by Cant remember where i bought those as i have had them 3 years and this is the 1st time i'm using them......should be able to get these on ebay too !
 Heres the Link to bond america:

This is how the inside looks when properly felted......all the fibers are mangled together nicely!

The Pattern instructions:
Tension: 5sts= 1'' inch 7 rows = 1''inch square on 4.5mm- 7us.
                                           The Hat:
Requires about 100 grams total.
With 4.5mm Cast on 88sts, holding 2 strands of yarn together. Join to work in rnd, place marker and knit until work measures 2.5'' inches long.
Next: purl all sts for 4 rnds. Then, knit all sts until work measures 4.5'' inches deep from beg edge.
Next: purl all sts for 4 rnds.
Next: knit 2 rnds and then begin top shaping.
Top Shaping:
1: *k2tog, k6, rep from* to end.
2: and all alternate rnds, k without shaping.
3: *k2tog, k5, rep from *as before
5: *k2tog, k4, rep from* to end.
7: *k2tog, k3, rep from * to end.
9: *k2tog, k2, rep from * to end.
11: *k2tog, k1, rep from * to end.
Next rnd, k2tog all round, break yarn leaving a 10cm tail and draw through rem sts. sew top closed.

Daisy cords : make 4. With 2 strands of yarn together and 4.5mm D.P.N's cast on 4 sts,
K the 4 sts, then slide the work back to beg of needle pulling the yarn from behind and knit. Continue until the cord measures 11'' inches long. Break yarn leaving a tail and draw through live sts to secure. Bend 1'' inch of the end of cord like so to form a petal. Each daisy has 5 petals.

SEW through the centre of cord (place only 1 stitch so you can pull out if your not happy with the look of the flower)  secure and then make another loop next to this one sewing the loops inplace as you go until you have 5 loops per takes a few attempts to get the feel for it and have all your petals quite equal in size.
 Sew through the centre of flower and sew inplace on the hat. If not felting then you will put a couple of sts through each petal so the flower lays flat.

Flower for top of hat:With 3.5mm needles and a single strand of yarn, cast on 2 sts.
Inc 1 sts at the beg of each row until you have 11 sts.
Break yarn leaving stiches inplace on the needle, simply slide the work to end of needle. On the empty needle cast on again as before rep the procedure until you have all 5 points on the same needle.
Next: knit across all 5 points, knit 2 rows.
next: k2tog across, k1.
next: k2tog across row.
next: k2tog across - 7sts rem, pass 6sts (1 at a time over 1st stitch), fasten off.
Needle Felt or sew the flower inplace as shown below.

           I-Cord Top:
As before for daisy, cast on 4 sts and make an I-Cord 18'' inches long. Attach to top and center of flower,add beads on ends and tie a knot in end of cord to prevent bead from falling off.

K=Knit, rnd(s)= round, sts= stitches, beg= begining, D.P.N.= double pointed needles, K2tog= knit next 2 sts together to make 1 stitch=a decrease, rem=remain,

Winter Cherry and Raven Black
This is a hat that i managed to knit and finish in one day......Thanks to the embelish knit gadget and clover felting pad and needles. These hats are really easy to knit and the felting and I-Cords add Fun

And another....just can't stop knitting these hats......i love the natural gray soft-spun Angora with navy blue


  1. slate blue and purple, I love the colors of the sea!

  2. Raven black and purple please! Such a difficult choice as they are all so beautiful.

  3. I'd use navy blue for the main and Slate Blue for the flowers.... might even go further and add more flowers in different colours!

  4. As odd as it may sound, I'm thinking Slate Blue hat and Mahogany flowers.

  5. bordeaux for the hat and navy blue for the flowers please! What a fabulous hat!

  6. so many choices... i'd try the hat in hunter, with the flower in bordeaux.

  7. Mahogany with Egyptian red would make a jolly warm hat!

  8. Raven Black hat and Bordeaux flowers would be my favorite combo. I have the Embelish-knit and love it. I used three different colored strands of cobweb weight yarn which was about as thick as heavy sewing thread, and made enough icord to knit scarf with in just a few hours.

  9. I'd make a hunter green hat with purple flowers :) Loud and proud for me, lol!

    I love felted knitted hats!

  10. I would make the hat in bordeaux and the flowers in raspberry.

  11. Oh, I would love to have the Raven Black and the Egyptian Red yarn for the hat. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am sure the students in Leuven and Ghent (Belgium, Europe) will go wild if they see a qiviut hat in navy blue with wild rose flowers! Geneviève

  13. That is a lovely hat! I would like to do it in raven black and wild rose. I don't actually have much pink-ish tones in my'd be nice to be a bit girly. :D

  14. I'd choose bordeaux and wild rose. Cecilia

  15. What a hard choice! I just found your blog and have always wanted to knit something in Qiviut. I would have to go for Raven black and purple, though the second hat you have in the raspberry with black trim is also divine.
    RiaM one of the Chicks with Sticks

  16. Hunter for the hat and wild rose for the flowers. Could even be bide versa

  17. Hat in Purple and flowers in raven black

  18. Navy Blue for the hat and Raven Black for the trim is my choice.

  19. Sweet hat! I'd make mine in navy with purple flowers.

  20. I would choose Hunter for the hat and Purple for the flowers.

  21. Gorgeous hat! I'd choose slate blue for the hat and wild rose for the flowers.

  22. Wow - LOVE the hats! How great that they're as warm as they are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Claire, thoses hats are fun to make !