Thursday, April 21, 2011

Competition: win this smokering

Whatever you call it.....smokering, hood, snood.....its a very versatile garment that not only keeps you warm but adds a bit of glam ! You can wear it up over the head or pulled down around the neck like a scarf. Has an allover delicate lace design
We need a colour name for this yarn. The yarn is a new blend of 60% Qiviut-20% silk- 20% Bamboo. Lace weight 2 ply.
 Hand-painted in Egyptian red and Bright Bordeaux. The Silk and bamboo really make the colors Flash .....the qiviut adds wonderful softness and warmth.

The competition is open to everyone world wide.
To enter leave your color name suggestions in the comment section and we will choose our favorite name.
Name can be relevant to the actual colors you see in the yarn, flowers from Nature, names related to musk ox, qiviut, the Tundra etc !
Competition runs until 20 Th May 2011.
Best of Luck !

                                              Win this smoke ring
The winner of the smokering is 'Tamara'.....we thought the name ''Tundra Bearberry'' very fitting for this colorway. Congrats Tamara, please contact us by email with your mailing address !


  1. I'm with gpc on the wine names. It reminds me of the claret sauce we used to put on vanilla ice cream when I was a kid. So delicious. So I'll go with claret.

  2. I love this color. It reminds me of those rare red/purple colored sunsets that we see every once in a while. Burgundy sunset is my name.

  3. sorry, I didn't mean to be anonymous!

  4. Dont worry deanna, we have your entry......Thank you !

  5. Blackberry Cordial. Alternatively, Tundra Rose, Desert Poppy, or Persephone's Downfall/Woe/Ruin.

  6. name: kimminnaq. The colours remind me of arctic cranberries, at various stages of ripening - beautiful reds - sweet and tart!

  7. Oh, I like what Martine said! I'm not even going to venture anything, it is so not my turn. But--when can I order some of this!

    I'm laughing, too, because I just spent days clicking on the site, trying to decide which color and weight on the Arctic Blend--this, no this, no all of it (I wish!) and of course today, having made my choice at last and coming to order, it's sold out. When does it come back? Or does it?

    Looking forward to playing with the new blend, but looking around I don't see where I can order it yet?

  8. Alison,
    this is a new blend that we are taking on our promotional tour of Europe in the next couple of months france & the U.K. At this stage we are only working out color combinations and testing new colors....should be available for sale within a month. Have fun !

  9. Oh how beautiful!

    I like the name 'Blushberry'

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  11. "Arctic willow red" after the arctic willow which turns a gorgeous bright red in the summer.

    Good luck everyone!

  12. I actually meant to type Arctic Cranberry instead of Alpine Cranberry. But I like both names so I'll submit them both.

  13. Bearberry, I think it's simple and perfect for this yarn. This humble little shrub produces the prettiest coloured berries that seem to glow against the simple backdrop of the arctic tundra. They range from red to blue/purple to black and I have found a few photos where the combination on just one plant looks exactly like this yarn. Bears eat them and Native Americans use the plant medicinally. I guess you could also include arctic bearberry or tundra bearberry or maybe bearberry glow? Thanks for running a fun competition, I am in NZ and just discovered your website, wow, wonderful! :)

  14. It looks to me like "Huckleberry Bliss"
    Huckleberries are hard to pick but worth all the effort.
    I guess that we all think it reminds us of something gorgeous enough to eat. Can't wait to try it.

  15. of course Lorraine has final say but it may be wise to not have the name start with 'arctic' as there is a brand of qiviut yarn called "Arctic Qiviut" and all their yarn names start with "arctic".

  16. My suggestion for the name of this deliciously fabulous fiber is:
    silver plum.
    It has the soft sheen of silver gleaming against the depth of the luscious plum.

    Would love this piece as I wear layers to keep my temperature stable in an area where institutions (even grocery markets) keep the air conditioner so cold I need to dress to go indoors.

  17. This might be completely unoriginal, but how about "Egyptian Bordeaux?" :)

  18. OH MY GOSH!!! I am so excited! In fact I'm so happy and grateful to have won this beautiful exotic thing from a faraway land that I am going to pass it forward and run a competition (maybe on facebook)to give away one of my needle felted animals instead of selling her, giving everyone a chance! Here's what I do:
    I think I will give away the grey kitty. Thanks again SOO very much :)
    where do I put my address? Tamara