Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knitting Yarns

Has been brought to our attention that not everyone can see and load our site due to the high graphics..... you need highspeed ! We will list our yarns here for all to see. To purchase any yarns just send us an email at: cottagecraftangora@hotmail.com  We will contact you via email and bill you with paypal.

I will number the yarns so its easier for knitters to order !
***The average shipping cost per package is $9.00 to $12.00.
*** please note, yarns are in either skeins or balls....depends what we have in stock at the time of ordering

 Yarn number 1 :
Yarn number 1:
100% qiviut, available in a 2 ply lace, 22 gram skein - 160 yards or 3 ply as shown, 22 gram skein 100 yards. Color shown Navy, is also available in : Natural, cranberry red, strawberry red, Hunter green, Bright Bordeaux, Purple, Raven Black. $39.50 each.

Yarn Number 2:
100% Buffalo/Bison yarn. 2 or 3 ply, in natural chocolate brown as shown or raven black, navy blue.
 2 ply: 22 grams - 155 yards. $22.00 each
3 ply: 22 grams - 90 to100 yrds. $22.00 each
We also have this same yarn in a big 100 gram skein $90.00 each.

Yarn Number  3:
50% qiviut-50% merino. colors left to right: Hunter, blue slate, turkey red, purple, raven black, magogany, raspberry sorbet, egyptian red, bordeaux, navy blue, (the color on the end is no longer available)
22 gram skein - 160 yards, 2 ply lace, $15.00 each.

The same yarn above is also available in 50% Angora- 50% qiviut, $17.50 each.*** Please note colors are not exactly as shown as the different blends produce slightly different colors*** 

Soft Spun Angora is Back !
We first made this yarn in 2004. Due to our work load with the pure qiviut we had to give it a miss for a few years. Its back for good and will replace our 100% Angora until fall 2011. This easy knit yarn contains  80% Angora - 20% merino. 3 ply, like a sport weight, 50 gram skeins, 232 yards. 3.75 - 4.5mm needles ( for lacey projects use a 6 or 7.00 mm) Colors: (left to right) Raven Black, Turkey red, Bijoux Blue, Raspberry, Lavender, Wild rose. $15.00 each. More colours coming soon !  To see a Gorgeous sweater knit in this yarn check out this link:

We will upload more yarns soon ! 


  1. I think it's because it's a flash-based website. Flash is quirky and doesn't always behave well. Even on my T1 line at work, high speed and lots of bandwidth available, your site doesn't always work. :(

  2. Thank You JazzNJava for teaching me something new. I will take the time to learn more about 'Flash' and its short comings !

  3. I just received my prize from the April contest: 4 luscious skeins of the lace weight 50/50 qiviut/merino. It is so soft, and the color (Egyptian Red) is deep and rich. I'm not sure I can stand the thought of putting my feet into socks made from something so fabulous!!!