Thursday, August 18, 2011

Qiviut lace gloves August competition

Luxurious 100% Qiviut fingerless gloves. These are my fav type of glove to knit, i love how easy this pattern is. The long cuff section is knit on 3.5mm straight needles and then the sts are transferd to 3.5mm D'P'N's to knit the thumb gusset, palm and putting your hand into a cloud. Shown in Natural qiviut color.

This months Giveaway.......Tell us what is your favorite type of knitting . Your answers should read as follows:
Example (this is what i like) 1: cables - (being most Loved)
                                              2: Lace
                                              3: fairisle
                                              4: Knit and purl patterns
                                              5: Rib stitch patterns - (Least Loved).....but i still like !
Winner will be chosen at Random and sent the pattern and 100% Qiviut yarn to knit these fingerless gloves.....Good luck !

Runs from 11-08-18 TO 11-08-31


  1. Right now my brain just can't handle anything terribly complicated, so my list is pretty simple.

    1. Plain stockinette socks. Seriously.
    2. Rib stitch patterns (usually in small items like hats or mitts).
    3. Lace. I'm just getting into lace. I just need to remember to take it slloooooow.
    4. Bohus or other colorwork. Bohus because oh, that yarn! And colorwork because though I am slow, it's fun to watch the pattern emerge.

    I have a whole whack of other things I hope to do in the next six or eight months, but for now, most of my projects are small, finite and simple. These fingerless gloves would be perfect!

  2. 1) Cables, cables and more cables
    2) small lace projects - a hat, leg of a sock, gloves. Not too much or my brain freezes.
    3)I'm actually knitting a fingering weight jacket for myself.I thought I'd go crazy with the miles of plain stocking stitch but its actually very soothing and relaxing
    4)baby projects - love knitting them but hate the fiddly making\/sewing up
    5)garter stitch. Oh how I hate garter stitch. The worst stitch on the planet - it sags, distorts and makes any garment look like a puffer jacket.

  3. 1.) Smaller projects, like hats and armwarmers, that I can wrap up fast and feel accomplished about! They make awesome gifts too! :D
    2.) Cables!
    3.) Lace!
    4.) Felting projects...miles and miles of no-brainer knitting - good for when I am multi-tasking!
    5.) Soft-spun yarn. Sure, it's softer, but I'd rather not have my knitting fall apart and/or pill. It just feels insulting to all the hard work I put into it!

    If I get a second least-loved, I'd have to say colourwork...but I just mainly think that I haven't done enough with it...I only learned to cable a few months after all, so it's prolly just a matter of time!

    P.S. These are amazing! I've yet to try knitting fingerless gloves with half-fingers before! Thanks for the chance to try it out!

  4. 1. Entrelac, although I haven't done it in a while and will probably have to revisit instructions.
    2. Fair-isle, so soothing and great reward for the effort.
    3. Cables, especially when they're on a big ol' cozy pullover.
    4. Felting! Bags! Felting!
    5. Natural fibers, especially wool.

    I've never knit with qiviut, but have used the word in Scrabble many times. Each time, my opponent wonders whether it's a real word or not.

  5. 1. Knitting sweaters
    2. Stockinette - I really think it's therapeutic
    3. Cables
    4. Lace (thought I've discovered I like knitting it more than I like wearing it)
    5. Knitting Sleeves. Oh how I loathe sleeves, though the discovery of 9" circular needles has helped a bit. Unfortunately since my #1 favorite is knitting sweaters, my #5 least favorite is a necessary evil. :(

  6. 1. Linen: This is my favorite stitch, though I don’t use it much because it’s very time-consuming. I reserve it for special projects because it creates such beautiful results.
    2. Cables: I love cables, they offer such a beautiful array of texture. I love them in scarves, mitts, socks, everything looks great with a cable!
    3. Purl: I know, I know, I’m weird but I LOVE to purl. Just purl, no knit. Am currently looking for a sock pattern that is mostly purl stitching.
    4. Lace: I’m learning to like this but it’s a challenge, all those yo’s and k2tog’s. I’m trying though!
    5. Garter: I understand its usefulness but it’s not my first choice for a project.

  7. Although I am always attracted to complex patterns, I love to do brainless knitting where I don't need to really think about it. Socks and hats seem to be my most often knitted items. Anything, really. I'd love to try those gorgeous gloves!

  8. at the moment - and this is subject to change at the drop of a hat - the list is:
    1. cables, cables, cables
    2. anything with lace
    3. rib
    and as a way down the list - fair isle color work.

    I am happy to knit on projects of any shape or size as long as they fit in the list above!

    Fabulous gloves there!

  9. 1. Cables
    2. Small lace projects (I did a large shawl & it took a LONG time)
    3. Felting slippers
    4. Basic mittens, hats, sweaters.
    5. Not so much ribbing.....

  10. What I love to knit:
    1. Cables
    2. lace
    3. knit and purl (love the moss stitch and it goes so well with cables)
    4. Fair Isle (my least favourite, though I usually like the results when I'm done)

    I want to try my hand at fingerless gloves and socks. small projects that can be done in a short time.

  11. Tough one, I love all knitting. I'll have a go though.

    1. Cables, the more complicated the better
    2. Lace shawls, the combinations of the stitches are like magic
    3. Fingerless gloves, I must have made at least 10 pairs
    4. Stocking stitch - quick, effective, satisfying
    5. Fairisle - I knit inside out when knitting in the round, turning my project the right way round to see the pattern emerge makes me so happy :)

    I love knitting!

  12. Ok... The short list
    1. Seamless sweaters, from the neck down.
    2. Fingerless Mitts, so fun to mix up the colors and patterns
    3. Socks, two at at time, so no second sock issues.
    4. Color work of almost almost any kind
    5. Lace, makes me cringe!
    I knit every chance I get, even in trafic (while I drive)... Im not texting or on the phone, so I am sure its ok hahaha

  13. This is what I love to knit:
    1. lace
    2. cables
    3. any type of colorwork
    4. garter stitch patterns
    5. stockinette

  14. This is what I love to knit:
    1. scarves and cowls
    2. lace (getting better at this)
    3. cables (and I'll actually get that cabled sweater knit for my husband one of these days)
    4. baby blankets

    (my Ravelry ID is InJuneau too)

  15. 1. Cables (common theme here!)
    2. Leaf designs
    3. Fish designs
    4. Lace
    5. Slip 1 selvedge

  16. Good Morning,
    My favorite type of knitting would be
    1. Knit/Purl patterns
    2. Easy Lace patterns

  17. 1. Lace....I love intentionally putting holes in things
    2. Cables
    3. Intarsia
    4. Simple stockinette projects for knitting at work.

  18. Hi! this is not an entry, but I rec'd my wonderful Arctic Muskox yarn today, so now my favorites would be:

    1. Staring at my Arctic Muskox yarn
    2. Petting my Arctic Muskox yarn
    3. Letting friends stare at my Actic Muxkox yarn, and the really good friends get to pet it.

    Thanks so much for this treat.

  19. 1. Knitting (heck, just owning and fondling!) luxury yarns like quviut - I love how they turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. I just knitted "Pretty Thing" cowl from Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee in Quviut and it's absolutely gorgeous)
    2. Easy projects that I can watch TV or chat while knitting
    3. Lace - love the way the pattern begins to form with every row.
    4. Seamless knitting
    5. Knitting or spinning rare breed yarns.