Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mill Ends Giveaway for July 2014

More bobbin ends !

We have been making lots more yarn lately & that means bobbin ends.....too good to throw away !

This lovely lot is 367 grams. Spun into 2ply lace, 3ply worsted & 4 ply sock weight

The blends are Qiviut-Cashmere-Silk-Angora rabbit-with one or 2 small skeins of 100% Magical qiviut all natural shades. 

Click on the picture to enlarge it !

Because there is so much yardage & weight i thought i would divide into 2 lots so there will be 2 winners.

To enter simply head over to Ravelry, join our ''cottage craft angora mill'' group & 2 winners from the group members will be drawn at random on the 1st of August to win a 183 gram lot.(If you are already a group member then no need to do anything...your already entered )


Must be a member of our Ravelry group.

If you enter you declare that you are willing to share the project you knit or crochet with our ravelry group in the photo/projects section.

Open to knitters/crocheters world wide.

Runs from 5Th July TO 31st July 2014

Here is the link to our Ravelry

Best of Luck to you !

Please check back soon.....we have a Name that yarn event coming soon.
This is the yarn
A blend of 50% Baby Alpaca 50% Qiviut spun into a worsted weight, will be available in 3 Natural colours

The two winners drawn at random are Ravelry group members: lorainec & Lynn-marie.....congratulations! 


  1. July Giveaway bobbin ends or any ends is a wonderful thing and I agree to all rules thank you

  2. Would this do for socks & mitts?
    I would love to "play" with this yarn!! ;-)

    1. Hi Colette, yes you have enough yardage to make socks & mitts. One of our group members has a post about how to knit & combine yarns of different weights

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  4. Would love to try this yarn and I would most likely make socks. Thanks for the chance.

    sherryglover1 on RAV

  5. The bobbin ends on the blog look so inviting. I’d love to knit something, anything, with it. I knit so slowly though that it will be next winter before I finish anything. Just knitting with it would be enough.

  6. Wonderful! I love to enter this draw an will be thrilled to show what I have created with this amazing yarn should I win the draw. Thank you for the opportunity of a possibility! xo

  7. I would love to knit with a yarn so light weight, I tried to knit something with a chunky yarn but it ended up causing me agony in my hands and elbows. I would knit a garment to keep the aching joints warm while also not being heavy in weight.
    So many patterns on Ravelry to chose from :-D