Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Winner from March mill ends Give away

The winner drawn at random is Kathy Zelenka......she has requested her yarns will be dyed mahogany & a couple left natural.....congratulations Kathy your yarns will mail out on wednesday.

Next giveaway will be posted in a few hours.....more mill ends !


  1. I hope you post a pic of the dyed yarns. It will be very cool to see the difference one colour can make :)

    1. Hello, yes i will post a picture they were supposed to mail out today but we have a storm happening this afternoon i'm going nowhere.....time for more knitting !

  2. Hi there again. You asked me to post when the yarn arrived... it did just moments ago. So beautiful. I'll enjoy winding up lots of little balls and will be casting on pronto! Thanks again so much. What a delightful surprise. --Kathy