Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shrug knit from musk ox yarn

A very simple way to construct a shrug is to knit the basic rectangle shape. this very versatile garment when knit from 100% qiviut or qiviut blends makes a wonderful back and shoulder warmer that's whisper light. You can easily knit your own shrug in any type of stitch design simply by knitting a rectangle shape.Measurements: S: 38'' X 20'' inches deep. M: 42'' X 22'' L: 46'' X 22'' XL: 50'' X 24'' The garment is knit length ways, casting on the sts for the left arm and knitting until you reach the right arm. To find your size, measure how long you want the sleeve to be X by 2 (for both sleeves) and then measure across the width of your shoulders/back or measure the width of your fav sweater. Once complete stitch the arm seams closed 2.5'' inches short of arm pit.......Voila

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