Thursday, March 8, 2012

March & April yarn giveaway-Buffalo yarn

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Did you know Bison or buffalo yarns are almost as soft and warm as pure qiviut yarns. Not only are they a beautiful natural rich chocolate brown color that complements many skin tones but they have a Down Micron count of 12-14 which makes them very very soft and warm. Bison yarns can also be dyed to Navy blue or Raven black and unlike 100% qiviut, buffalo has SOME memory, developes a small Halo with age and becomes softer with age, is also non-allergic too. And some say they can be machine washed....though i would'nt want to try that !

This is a new fresh batch of 3 ply light(similar to a DK weight) buffalo yarns....gorgeous natural brown and just waiting to be knit up into something special .......such as a shawl !
Tension: 5mm-US8 18sts=4'' 100 grams = 420 yards 'ish'

What you have to do:

we want you to design a Triangular shawl pattern that will knit to our 3ply yarn. Using the yarn tension above as a guide design the ''perfect buffalo shawl''. It can be plain, Lacey, very open or closed stitch, a knit and purl pattern, use any size needle you want, possibly have a button closure inplace of the usual shawl pin, have a seperate knitted border.... whatever ......the only knitting rule is you must stay within a 200 to 250 gram weight limit with about 840 yards ish !

To Enter: write in comment section describing the shawl you would like to knit; type of stitch used in the design, size needles used etc,

COMPETITION RULES: Please read and understand !
By entering you are giving us permission to post your pattern design on this blog and/or our website should your entry be the winning entry. Your name will be posted as the designer.

Entering means that you will, should you be the winner, knit your design using the buffalo yarns we send you and that you will email us the pictures of the cast on and finished item so we can post them to this blog entry.

You must be the owner of the design you are submitting.

open to all knitters world wide.

one winner, so please be sure to post a real name or blog name and NOT anonymous as this entry will be deleted.

Deadline: 2012-03-08 TO 2012 -04- 30

Have Fun !

Buffalo shawl update below:

will post the pattern soon !


  1. I'd do something very simple. A triangular shawl with a 5 stitch garter stitch border, YO increases just outside the border, alternating stockinette, reverse stockinette, garter and seed stitch stripes, on size 9 or 10 needles to give it a slightly looser gauge.

  2. Starting from a garter stitch tab. Brioche stitch with double increases "outside" three middle stitches. Three garter stitch border.
    5mm needle.

  3. I am not skilled enough to qualify for this one -- hope there will be more no-brainer giveaways in the future! :)

  4. could try, not all shawl patterns are complex & you could even do a plain stitch with an easy lace border !

  5. This is a great contest! I would love to try knitting a shawl with this yarn. I would knit the triangle shop from the top, starting with a provisional cast on. I would do a garter stitch welting with yarn overs. Rows 1-3 garter, 4-6 stockinette, and row 7 yo, k2tog. I think the simple pattern would wear well with this yarn.

  6. Jennifer McMillanMarch 20, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    I would make it into a mobius shawl using a feather and fan stitch on something like a 3.5mm needle. Optionally, with enough yarn, I would add a ruffle border along the edges.

  7. I'd make a top down shawl, starting with a tab, and increasing in the center and either end. I'd use the Trinity Stitch for the basic shawl using #9 (or maybe 10) needles for drape, and to open up the stitch. Then, a simple 6 stitch cable as a sewn on edging along the point of the triangle. (mitered at the bottom)

  8. This shawl brings warmth through the double garter stitch body, and adds elegance through a fancy cable-and-lace border.
    The shawl is knit in one piece, with no sewing required.

    The triangle shape is knitted from side to side; increases in the double garter stitch section continue until the mid-point of the shawl, then decreases continue until the end. A slipped-stitch edge on the long side of the triangle provides a neat simple finish.
    The knitter will find progress is fast, as the garter stitch section goes quickly, while the cables and lace keep the project interesting.

    Here is a sketch and here is a swatch

    Thx for the opportunity.

  9. My ideal shawl made from buffalo yarn would be knit on sz 7 needles, started at the center neck. The straight edge growing as you knit with yo at the edges & center back. There are soft waves of cables gently rolling across the stockinette background of the shawl, like prairie grasses in a gentle wind. The name of this shawl is Undulating Dreams. The edging is added in perpendicular manner as you bind off the triangular edges of the shawl. It speaks of the dreams that can grow & flourish, when nurtured & encouraged. This shawl has been designed & knit by me.

    It can be seen at

    in my project pages. Though the sample is in two colors, it would be just as beautiful in one color.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!!
    Connie ;)

  10. Wow, I would love to try knitting with this lovely yarn. I'm only a beginner knitter, so I would do something simple like the following.

    Cast on 3 stitch.

    Add one additional stitch at the beginning of every row until there is 60 stitches on the needle.
    Increasing at the beginning and end of every row until there is about 5 yards of yarn left and bind.

  11. Hi Fairy!

    What a wonderful contest! I always love a giveaway, but of course this is more of a challenge. I have been designing several patterns lately, but a triangular shawl wasn't one of them so far. You can imagine that I couldn't help myself... I just had to come up with one ;-)

    I call this pattern Big Brown Beautiful Beast. There is no other pattern in Ravelry yet with this name. It is a combination of k1, p1; k1, sl1; and an eyelet stitch. I am not putting the complete pattern down here, since it is a personal design and so far it is only on a sheet of paper. Meaning: it can be an exclusive Qiviut pattern if you like.

    The photos of it are here:

    Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  12. I would love to give it a go. I have been thinking about designing a shawl. I have no specific pattern yet, but would love to try.

    sch4gators RAV

  13. I’ve tried the following lace pattern in a similar yarn gauge and find the cluster of holes resemble flowers. Starting at the bottom of the triangle, adding 1 stitch at the beginning and end of every right side row
    Repeat pattern of 7 stitches over 6 rows and offset as width increases. Stitch markers would be of great help.
    Row1:K1,K2tog,yo,K1,yo, SSK, K1.
    Back row purls
    Row3: K2tog, yo, K3, yo,SSK
    It might need some blocking and if enough yarn, finish with a crochet edging, add some beads, the imagination is limitless.

  14. Thank you! I found this giveaway very exciting!
    Now my shawl is called Dragonveins Shawl.
    It is knitted on Us 17 needle size, that is 12mm here in Europe. It starts with a point and then develops its shape with increases on RS and on WS. It's a quite easy pattern, ideal for beginners and gives immediate gratification. It grows fast but at the same time, depending on the fiber used, it's very warm and not lacy at all but with an intriguing sway due to the central spine. It shows off a dragon veins bead applied at the very tip.
    Details at :