Tuesday, September 4, 2012

winners of August giveaway !

Hello and sorry for the delay......we are just so busy taking care of animals, sheep, angora rabbits, dogs and many farm cats....all of them have nests of kittens (luckily the local pet shop takes all the kittens) ontop of keeping up with packing and mailing orders daily and getting ready for our next show.....i like keeping busy but this is crackers !

 Congrats to the following readers drawn at random have won :

Cgirlslife- lot #1

Julie- lot #2

Jennifer- lot # 3

Clarabeasty- lot# 4.

Please email me with your address so i can ship you our your gooodies.
I will mail out the lots on Tuesday  14th  September so please contact me ASAP.

Our next giveaway will be after the 14th and its going to be for 100% qiviut yarn in 3ply and some shetland yarn from my sister blog  www.shetlandwool.blog.blogspot.ca  please check back for a chance to win some lovely yarn !

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