Tuesday, November 6, 2012

yarn giveaway winners from september/october

sorry for the delay, total chaos at Work and Home....can't wait to move the mill to Ontario sometime in 2013(we hope) so we can hire more fibre nuts to help us !

Congrats to Sittin.n.spinnin and Kryss. They won the yarns to knit the hat and scarf in Gorgeous 3ply qiviut/merino blend.

Next giveaway will be posted the 7th November.....lots of mill ends in pure qiviut and blends.

And you may want to head over to ravelry in the next days because we will be posting a few giveaways there too at the www.ravelry.com/groups/cottage-craft-angora-mill

We will at last get going on our ravelry group.....don't miss out on the monthly giveaways for group members, random giveaways for Ravelers posting pics / projects of your knitwear knit from any of our yarns past and present yarns welcome and a special monthly draw for a Raveler who's project we feel deserves a special mention and gift ! 
Happy knitting ♥ qiviut-queen.


  1. congratulations winners! off to ravelry now!

  2. How awesome! I am very much looking forward to this :)
    Thank you!

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