Wednesday, November 10, 2010

yarn giveaway-win a skein of 'artists Hand' yarn

Here at cottage we are asking for yarn color name suggestions for our new 'artists hand' yarns 90% Qiviut- 10% Merino. To enter choose a name for each of the 5 yarns above, leave your suggestions in comments section and the person with the 5 best names wins ! To make it fair for everyone it will be my business partner who decides which entry wins
As this type of yarn is sooo special we would like the colour names to reflect the yarn content....think Qiviut - Musk Oxen - Tundra -Arctic of the Tundra....check out Google and see what you can come up with !
Competition is open to wide, closing date: December 31st 2010.What you win: 1 -100 gram skein of artists hand And a lace scarf 52'' X 10'' knit from 'artists hand yarn' the winner will be announced on this blog new years day( if i havent got a massive your thinking cap on !


  1. Here goes, my suggestions are all named after oldfashioned sweeties:)

    1. Apple Bon Bon
    2. Marshmallow Mix
    3. Apple Pip
    4. parmaviolet
    5. Jelly bean

  2. 1. Qiviut Lapis Leaf
    2. Quviut Arctic Willow (a perfect match)
    3. Qiviut Prairie Crocus
    4. Qiviut Saxifrage Bloom (another perfect match to the flower color)
    5. Qiviut Aurora Borealis

    The yarns are JUST GORGEOUS. Congratulations!

  3. Sampson's Sherbet
    peach blossom
    Rainbow Delight
    Olly Olly Oxen Grape
    Willow shoots

    ros.writing at gmail dot com

  4. 1. (Land of the)Midnight Sun

    2. Arctic Dawn

    3. Ellesmere (Island)(A beautiful colorful Arctic island)

    4.Oomingmak Blossom (Oomingmak being the native name for muskox)

    5. Arctic fireweed

  5. I didn't leave contact info, my mistake. Niki RM:

    ctdshurt at yahoo dot com

  6. These are stunning colorways, and inspired both a sense of beauty, and a little playfulness.

    June Near Juneau
    Arctic Alpenglow
    Northern By Northwestern Lights
    Winter Vintage Musk-atel
    Saskatchewan Skinnydipper Blues

  7. Aurora Borealis
    Arctic Sunrise
    Qiviut Summer
    Arctic Sea
    Musk Ox Mardis Gras

  8. Like qiviut, these names are based on the Inuinnaqtun language:

    1. Qallut of Midnight
    2. Ublaami Sunrise
    3. Atira Bird
    4. Una Rare Flower
    5. Nakayunga Rainbow

  9. What if someone has three or four great names and someone else just the perfect one for some particular color? I love aurora borealis, and I see that it's been chosen by others. It seems okay to me if you pick and choose among them all; it's your product you'll be describing.

    Here are my attempts:

    2.Arctic lichen
    4.McKinley, for purple mountain's majesties (or, Polemonium, for the purple flower that grows there, also called Jacob's Ladder) for a name familiar to Americans; Cordillera, on the other hand, would describe the whole range of the Canadian artic peaks.
    5.Denali--I found a sweeping picture of Denali Park in bloom in just those colors. Taiga, again on the Canadian side, would certainly be a good name for it too.

    Hope you don't mind the extras--you got me reading and learning a lot and thank you!

  10. Lovely names already suggested!
    Mine are:
    1. Northern Moss
    2. Ice Rose
    3. Tundra Buttercup
    4. Arctic Lupine
    5. Frost Orchid

  11. From Left to Right:

    Nunivak Island
    Arctic Sunset

  12. Left to Right

    Polar Lights
    Arctic Sunrise
    Tundra Floor
    Denali at Dusk
    Glacial Rainbow

  13. This is a fun competition.
    I think there are lots of names which seem to be coming up alot, though we seem to pick different colorways for them. Anyway, here are mine.
    1. Mariana - This the part of the scientific name of the black spruce. I think the contrasts of the foliage and the dark cones were reminisent of this colorway.
    2. Aurora - I know this one has come up before, and with other colorways. Aurora was the roman goddess of dawn, and also has the association of the northern lights.
    3. Borealis - When I saw this colorway, all I could think of were the greens and yellows I have seen in the Northern Lights.
    4. Bilberry
    5. Ellesmere - I think its the blue in the colorway that makes me want this to be named for something with water.

  14. So many good names!

    Ok here are my suggestions:

    1. Aurora Australis
    2. Snow Flower
    3. Antarctic Breeze
    4. Arctic Snow Dust
    5. Northen Summer Love

    vertcrapaud at gmail dot com

    I think those yarn colors are pure magic!

  15. 1. Northern Lights
    2. Snow Buttercup
    3. Edgoya Island
    4. Purple Saxifrange
    5. Svalbard

    mandalinn at gmail dot com

  16. Okay, here we go from left to right:

    1. Northern Lights
    2. Arctic Dawn
    3. Lichen
    4. Midnight in the Yukon Summer
    5. Fireweed in the Lakeside Spruce Forest

    I spent a summer once canoeing in the Yukon, way far away from anywhere. And these colors really, really remind me of that trip. #2 is exactly the colors of the sky when the sun is just rising (like, 3 am!). #3 reminds me of a place we camped that was covered 12 inches deep with springy lichen, for miles all around.

  17. 1. Tundra Winter
    2. Arctic Sunrise
    3. Musk Grazing
    4. Plain Thunder
    5. Tundra Spring
    I can remember studying the Tundra and the Bison, Musk Ox and others. I can see these colours in the names I have given them. These are the things I miss about Canada.Sharon

  18. I too forgot to leave details.

    shazzade at

  19. love qiviut! these gorgeous yarns should be named:
    1: tundra run
    2: arctic sunrise
    3: northern lights
    4: arctic evening
    5: painted tundra

    am knitting with qiviut from muskox farms, a hundred thirty miles or so north of me, but their quiviut is solid colors. love your colors!


  20. 1. Denali Dreaming
    2. Alaskan Orchid
    3. Autumn Tundra
    4. Jacob's Ladder
    5. Aurora Borealis

  21. 1. Long Shadows
    2. Midnight Sun
    3. Wild Crocus
    4. Permafrost
    5. North Pole

    The yarn is exquisite!

  22. 1: Arctic Nightfall
    2:Midnight Sun
    3:tundra glory
    4: Snow shadows

    Sandra wellington.

  23. L to R
    mystic mountain
    denali sunrise
    north of Anaktuvuk
    blueberries at sunset
    seward ferry
    alaskan places that come to mind with these colours

  24. Here are my suggestions:

    L to R

    Arctic Blue Berry Fields

    Morning Has Broken

    Springtime Pine Needles

    Frozen Berries Under the Snow

    Flashes of Northern Lights

  25. L to R

    Nunavut Nights
    Polar Poppy
    Kitmeot Moss
    Baffin Berry
    Labrador Lights

    Had a great time coming up with these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. 1. Nunivak Lights
    2. Alpine Poppy(wanted to use Arctic Poppy but saw it had already been taken, thought this rolled off the tongue nicely.)
    3. Aquavita OR Caribou Moss (can't make up my mind, Caribou Moss apparently can be used in the making of Aquavita)
    4.Spring Beauty (common name for actic flower "Claytonia tuberosa" which has beautiful purple veins running through it)
    5. Ajagutak Sky (Ajagutak means Rainbow in Inuktitut)

    Hope I'm not disqualified by offering up more than one option! If I had to choose I'd go with Aquavita!


  27. here are mine;
    from l to r
    1. Sunset on Kenai
    2.Autumn in Alaska
    3.Sitka Springscape
    4.The Longest Night
    5.Bearlake Borealis

    my name on ravelry is canuckchick
    and my e addy is

  28. 1-Midnight on the Tundra
    2-Alaskan Spring Beauty
    3-Crisp Northern Lights
    4-Artic Larkspur
    5-Rainbow Ox Fluff

  29. People have such lovely ideas : )

    Here are mine:

    1. Desert Sunset
    2. Sunny Sherbet
    3. Ocean Sunrise
    4. Purple Pleasure
    5. Pastel Sunshine Ocean Breeze

  30. These colorways are gorgeous!

    My ideas:
    1. Bristol Bay
    2. Viola Cornta
    3. Aurora Borealis
    4. Frigid Shooting Star
    or just Shooting Star
    or Frigidum (i had a hard time picking which part of the name to use. Its a flower)
    5. Mysticeti

  31. 1. Quivit Peacock
    2. Tundra Crocus
    3. Lichen and Deep Ice
    4. Polar Crow Berry
    5. Borealis Jewels

  32. 1 and 5 - Dark Aurora and Aurora Reflected - the two colorways are obviously related, the first is darker, the second lighter, as if reflected off a snowy mountainside.

    2. Yukon Gold - the blossom of the plant is delicate purple with a golden center -

    3. Alaskan Summer Bouquet - Just reminds me of a bouquet of wildflowers.

    4. Twilit Qiviut - The color of a twilight sky, and I like the way the sounds play with each other.

    These are all so beautiful, and thanks for the opportunity to perhaps name some of them.

  33. 1.Spring Tundra
    2.Arctic Sunrise
    3.Aurora Borealis
    4.Land of the Midnight Sun
    5.Northern Lights

  34. 1. arctic flora
    2. midnight sun
    3. timberline
    4. polar night
    5. aurora borealis

  35. 1-Tropical Rainforest
    2-Candy Floss
    4-Purple Haze
    5-Rainbow Swirl

  36. 1. Arctic Sunset
    2. Morning Sunrise
    3. Autumn Forest
    4. Lavender Garden
    5. Alaska Lakeview

  37. 1 Qiviut Inua (qiviut essence)
    2 Artic Ergyron (artic dawn)
    3 Muskox Anerca (muskox soul)
    4 Tundra Setosa (tundra iris)
    5 Aurora Ikkuma (aurora fire)

  38. 1 - Summer plains wildflowers
    2 - Spring Crocus
    3 - The North Wind in Fall
    4 - Regal Lavinie
    5 - Peacock's Pride

  39. 1. Arctic blast
    2. Salmonberry aqutak
    3. Arctic tundra & sky
    4. Blueberry aqutak
    5. Northern lights

  40. 1. Qivuit Borealis
    2. Pasque Flower(a purple + yellow Flower)
    3. Arctic Fire
    4. Purple Saxifrage
    5. Tundra Berries

    What a lot of creative entries! This was fun. Good luck to all.